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anyone used montelukast for child rhinitis?

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HannahandSeb · 26/05/2009 19:26

Had an allergy consultant appointment today to help with my ds sleeping problems due to rhinitis, just wanted to know if anyone else has used montelukast singular? Or anything I can try alongside this to help him. It wasn't my usual consultant and wasn't as helpful as I was hoping.

Doesn't help that I have been up since 5am and am exhausted and tearful so I seriously hope this helps but for some reason feel a bit aprehensive about putting this drug in his system considering he is only 3.

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whiskersonkittens · 26/05/2009 21:51

Have you tired changing to goat's milk? My ds had rhinitis and the switch (at about age 2) made it go away and reduced his eczema to virtually nil. I have tried a few times to revert to cow's milk but they both return so rapidly I have given up.

Sorry - not tried the montelukast

AttillaTheHan · 26/05/2009 21:58

Our son was prescribed Montelukast for his asthma and eczema when he was three and he had a severe recation to it. His eyes swelled up to the size of an egg and he was hallucinating and had terrible nightmares. I'm sure this was not a common reaction but we were told that they don't usually prescribe it for children as young as 3.

AttillaTheHan · 26/05/2009 21:59

Erm I meant reaction

hazeyjane · 26/05/2009 22:06

dd1 prescribed this for asthma last year (she was about 2.6). She had a really bad night cough which kept her (and us) awake for a lot of the night. Unfortunately she had a reaction to it, which meant she woke up screaming most nights (nightmares can be a side effect), it was horrible. It didn't really improve her cough to any great degree, just made her wake up at other times too. We stopped giving it to her, and asked to be seen by one consultant only (we had seen a different doctor each time). He recommended a course of action, which (touch wood!) has worked for the last few months, and she is sleeping a lot better.

I think that her reaction was rare, but it is probably something you should be aware of.

Good luck.

mooseloose · 26/05/2009 22:11

ds7 has it for his asthma, and it has made a big difference to him! He was 6 when prescribed it (along with inhalers). He is just taking his morn and night brown now, not needed blue at all for about 2 months. Has been on them about 4 months now, so took a good 2plus months to work. I will reserve my judgement until i see if it works against the hayfever that leaves him breathless and sniffy and run down. But fingers crossed. No side effects seen.

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