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Allergies and intolerances

Milk Allergy IgE numbers have gone up dramatically

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LteMadrid · 25/05/2009 13:22

Hi there, I have always been appalling at managing to get online and get involved in the messages so sorry it looks like am just using you lot now I really need the support!

Anyway, long story as short as possible, DS got diagnosed with milk protein allergy last June age almost 14 mths after being sick for 8 mths. So only positive for some proteins and overall IgE was 91 (range being

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frustratedmom · 25/05/2009 17:21

Ok, take a deep breath.

Once the body knows how to make antibodies to a protein it is able to do so in much larger numbers, much quicker the more the body is exposed. This might account for the higher levels, from this exposure (forgive me if wrong my biochem is a bit rusty)

Make sure you are checking for all the hidden milk based products - lecithin (which can be milk or soya based) and the stupid foods they put it in (gravy granules .
Double check products rely on - they change recipies and milk is often added to improve the recipie

If ILS woun't listen to you need to get dp to deal with and make sure he makes it clear if they don't follow the diet they will be doing serious harm and could even kill. SOmetimes it helps to emphasize worst case to get point across.

I wish you luck. Hang in there! Its tough but I have found mns invaluable over the last couple of weeks and has really made the difference for me

LteMadrid · 25/05/2009 17:41

Okay 'frustratedmom' that makes sense.
We are pretty good at checking the ingredients etc and the only thing I'll say in MILs defence (and I really do mean THE ONLY) is that she even went to bakers where they make the bread and they swear no milk proteins being used, my specialist says to avoid all white bread here as they use the proteins - sounds like a typical spanish oddity to me.... Anyway, MIL has now been told, strict diet, no option as we now have all the proteins showing high positive.

Thanks - thought was doing okay after 18mths since DS first got really sick and older DS minor issues plus my own but now just cant face more rounds of drs and issues. BLAHHHHHHHHH

OP posts:
frustratedmom · 25/05/2009 17:48

Actually it isn't - it happens here with the bread and sometimes in Norway (we have just been on hol) We have problem that some people just don't get it when we say can't have anything milk based. I have been asked "what about cheese or butter"? honestly

know what you mean about too many issues. We have had so many specialists that I have a large ring folder to keep tract of the appointments. Just remember you are not alone and we are out here when you need the support.

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