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Allergies and intolerances

DS turns blotchy after eating tomatoes and smoked salmon and it scares me

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TheBreastmilksOnMe · 19/05/2009 22:56

It happened today after he ate some smoked salmon so I, thinking he was having an allergic reaction- hot footed it to the GP's which thankfully only live a few minutes walk away. GP was very unhelpful and just said if it happens again give him some Piriton.

What happens if he has a severe reaction next time? Should I get him tested? The GP thinks it's pointless. Anyone else's DC have any experience of this? It's frightening!

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littleboyblue · 19/05/2009 22:59

No allergies here. But IMO, if you think it is an allergy, then it probably is, so I would push for tests and in the meantime, stop giving these foods and stick to the 3 day rule with anything new.
Hope he and you are ok, and that this gets sorted soon

TheBreastmilksOnMe · 19/05/2009 23:01

Thanks lbb anywhere the offending food touches it turns him blotchy so his arms et it too and his cheeks are all spotty (eczema?)

How do I go about getting him tested? The GP said they are usually just out to try and rip you off.

OP posts:
littleboyblue · 19/05/2009 23:13

The poor little love.
I don't really know how you'd get the tests. Is there another gp you can speak to? If not, I would go back and tell him that you really do think ds is allergic to these foods and you need to be referred for testing.

Failing that, do you still have the discharge papers from birth? There should be the name of his paed on there, so give him/her a call directly.

trixymalixy · 20/05/2009 00:22

It is frightening. you need to avoid these foods for the moment. You need to get your GP to refer you to an allergy specialist for testing.

Don't pay for any of these quack tests they are a rip off.

The tests the allergy specialist will do might only tell you what you already know, but at least they will also test for other things and re-testing will be done every year and proper food challenes can be done in hospital if necessary.

thumbwitch · 20/05/2009 00:29

your GP is being a little too laid back about it, really - smoked salmon is relatively easy to avoid but tomato is in lots of things and he should be a bit more proactive about it.

He should refer you to an allergy specialist for skin prick testing - speak to a different GP at the practice or as LBB said, try and get back to his paed.

Most complementary/alternative methods are a bit hit and miss and I wouldn't rely on them, tbh - go back to the doc. Piriton will work in the first few instances but if it is a proper allergy, the intensity might increase with each exposure, which then could lead up to anaphylaxis (hence at GP's reaction) which needs immediate treatment with adrenalin (epi-pen). Fight on!

allthetwinklystars · 20/05/2009 00:44

I think there's a difference between an intolerance and an allergy. Both my dc have intolerances (red and blotchy - in dd's case all over her body) but it is not an allergy.

Still, when I went to the GP with DS's red blotchy face (and aggravated eczema) following tomato he referred ds straight away. We went to the hospital for blood tests. They tested him for wheat, dairy, tomato, peanut, dog and cat etc and we're going in a few weeks to discuss the results. They said that this was to screen him to see if he needs referring to the allergy clinic, where they could do further tests etc.

The advice we've had about dd's intolerance is to avoid the food until she is old enough to tell us how she is feeling. As it's melon this hasn't been too hard to do! We also have piriton on hand which seems to work well and has been handy with ds who has reacted to a few things so far.

Also these things can change as they grow up - an intolerance now may not mean one in a few years time (AFIAK).


allthetwinklystars · 20/05/2009 00:45

By straight away I mean we were referred but obviously the appointment took a while!

TheBreastmilksOnMe · 20/05/2009 15:02

allthetwinklystars the Gp basically said an allergist would only tell you what he was allergic to and obviously you know that because he has a reaction.

thumbwitch I'm going to speak to a different Gp I really don't like the one we saw yesterday he's got an odd bedside manner and really dry sense of humour.

OP posts:
bargainhuntingbetty · 20/05/2009 15:05

My dd used to do this after she had anything with eggs on it. Even if it was likee breadcrumb coating and egg had been used. She never came to any harm, it didnt look too nice and she grew out of it. HTH

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