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Allergies and intolerances

People with dust allergies who just can't breath at times (through your nose) - what do you use?

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Tinker · 14/04/2009 22:12

Some times of the year (now) I just can't breathe easily at all. Mostly, I just live with it but I'm getting fed up of it this week, What do people use that works? Sinex? Isn't that damaging long-term? Beconase? Tried that a long time ago but can't remember if it was very effective.

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Tinker · 14/04/2009 22:14

Aargh. Should be breathe in title

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jkklpu · 14/04/2009 22:14

my dh gets a chemical mask, or you could try the tip-end cycling masks, if your kids won't be too scared

vixma · 14/04/2009 22:19

Nightmare in summer if you have pollen allergies too. I use Piriton 3 a day, however my nose is still blocked on a daily basis at the moment, but not itching or rashy which is a nice change.

Flibbertyjibbet · 14/04/2009 22:23

I take an antihistamine tablet which cures it in 5 mins.
When I get an 'attack' my nose just runs, huge frequent drips of water so I can't just use a spray. I get really wheezy in my chest as well which the beconase doesn't help.
Sinex is made for bunged noses caused by colds - I used one once about 20 years ago, the sinus headached I got was horrific and lasted several days!
I bulk buy the cetirizine (sp??) tabs at 50p for 7 from a discount chemist in the next town.

Tinker · 14/04/2009 22:23

No, I'm not itchy or rashy. I sneeze a lot every day but this week just can't breathe. Being in the car makes it worse - presume pollen/dust is being sucked in?

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Tinker · 14/04/2009 22:28

Argh, just typed a long message and was disconnected. Will seek out cetirizine and try that, thanks

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neversaydie · 14/04/2009 22:48

Sodium chromoglycate eye drops. They work when nothing else does.

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