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Can I use lactose free formula 'milk' instead of dried skimmed milk in my breadmaker?

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PaintingRainbows · 23/03/2009 12:10

I've just posted this in the 'food' topic then thought people who frequent this thread are more likely to know and I'm hoping to make it this afternoon ...

I'm hoping to use my breadmaker to make a loaf of sweet potato bread but the recipe says to use 2 tablespoons of dried skimmed milk. My daughter is lactose intolerant and has a prescribed formula milk substitute (SMA LF). Does anyone know if I can actually use this in the recipe instead or will my loaf turn out a flop? TIA

OP posts:
MarkStretch · 23/03/2009 12:11

My bread maker recipes always tell me to add powdered milk. I never bother and the bread is fine. I don't even know what it's for?!

PaintingRainbows · 23/03/2009 12:19

Oh that's good to know you've made without and its still worked. Thanks. My recipe books have loads of recipes with dried milk, buttermilk or fresh milk which I'd like to try.

OP posts:
tatt · 23/03/2009 20:01

I've used rice milk in gluten free bread and found it an improvement. I think milk may be something to do with the crust?

SoupDragon · 23/03/2009 20:03

Oh you don't need to add the milk at all! the recipe book that comes with the new Panasonic one doesn't even mention milk powder as a regular ingredient. I've never bothered.

PaintingRainbows · 23/03/2009 22:43

Thank you
Tatt - I think you are right about it making a softer more crumbly crust.
I might try the SMA LF formula just to see anyway as it would be useful to know. There's quite a few recipes I fancy trying. The worst that could happen is I waste a loaf and it becomes a doorstop . If it doesn't work I'll give it a go without as Markstretch and Soupdragon have suggested.

OP posts:
TheFallenMadonna · 23/03/2009 22:50

I never use milk powder either.

Twinklemegan · 23/03/2009 23:06

I added milk powder once and the thought of it put me right off the bread. I never use it now and the bread is much better without it. The same goes for the excessive amounts of salt and sugar. If I wanted a commercial bread recipe I wouldn't be bothering making my own.

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