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What might be wrong with my itchy baby son?

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stressed2007 · 17/03/2009 20:13

I have a 14 month old son. I am not sure if there is something wrong. Normally when I go to change his nappy or get him dressed he gets very wriggly and starts scratching himself really badly (despite us keeping his nails as short as possible) and he gets red raw with it. He has now started itching through his clothes - not all the time but it is noticeable. I have changed washing powder/conditioner (to comfort pure) in case it is the powder but it does not seem to have made a difference (can anyone please suggest a better brand?). Might he be allergic to something? He has no rash or eczema etc but someting is obviously up as he seems very uncomfortable and itchy. Thank you

OP posts:
coveredinsnot · 17/03/2009 21:19

Sounds like you need a trip to the GP!! He could have exzema, which would get worse the more he scratches, but this would need to be diagnosed by a doc. Comfort Pure has perfumes in it, so if he is chemically sensitive, you might want to try switching to a non-perfumed soap powder such as Sure, or maybe Ecover's chemicals might not be so harsh? You can also buy things called soap nuts from health food shops that are completely natural and used instead of washing powder. I hope you solve the mystery soon, it's not pleasant being itchy!

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