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recommend me a breadmaker for gluten free

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loobeylou · 16/03/2009 14:09

The title says it all really, looking to update a cheap old breadmaker for one that will do GF, so if anyone has one tell me the pros and cons. What flours/mixes do you use in them?

Do you use them for non GF too? I would not want to with my current model as you get bits of dough/crusty bits all over the mixing blade which I can never seems to clean out properly

any tips appreciated (but I am NOT in the market for anything mega expensive)

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flamingtoaster · 16/03/2009 17:14

This question was asked on the coeliac board recently. The thread is quite near the top of this page (at the minute - it may move!):

loobeylou · 16/03/2009 17:43

Thank you!

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