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Allergies and intolerances

What symptoms do your mildly wheat/gluten intolerant dc show?

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TheRedSalamander · 06/03/2009 18:14

DS2 has always been a windy baby, he's 8 months now and he's still sick very frequently. Normally starts within 1/2 hour or so of a meal being over and will carry on until the next one, oddly enough it seems to get worse as the hours go on between meals instead of better iyswim. It's not a full vomit, but is definitely more than just a posset. I don't think wind is an issue any more for him but tummy discomfort certainly is, although we can rarely get burps out of him these days and he's not especially farty. (For want of a better word!)

For the last couple of days I've tried an experiment, no gluten. The only time he was sick was when he found a crust of toast that I'd missed when cleaning his high chair.

He is gaining weight ok, is mostly bf with 1 bottle of formula at bed time (still bf through the night, the little blighter! ) and his appetite is fine. Am I just trying to connect two things that really don't go together? Is it just a coincidence?

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TheRedSalamander · 23/03/2009 20:39

Bumping this to see if anyone has advice, it would be much appreciated.

I have stuck to the "diet" with a small tweak, as I think it's wheat he doesn't like not gluten. (My reasoning for this is that he's fine with oats- and I think these have gluten? But anything like pasta bread biscuits rusks still make him sick)

I tried a controlled experiment about two weeks into this (poor little chap, he really is a human baby and not a guinea pig!) by giving him some fingers of toast to chew one morning and he was sick all day and part of the next day too.

Am going to see the HV this week, any guidance?

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loobeylou · 24/03/2009 19:12

expect them to know very little about coeliac disease and intolerances in general, expect to be looked at as a paranoid mother, but be firm and express your concerns and ask for a simple blood test for coeliac disease, as it does sound possible, I would go straight to GP and ask for referal to paediatrician or dietitian TBH

you will be listened to more if you go armed with a food record/diary of bowel movements/vomiting etc

also take hime for regular weigh-ins so that if he starts not to thrive, it will be picked up on if he is straying from his growth curve (DD was 10lb at birth and by the age of 5 was in the lowest 0.5 % of the population when she was diagnosed,)

goog luck

loobeylou · 24/03/2009 19:12

gooD luck, even LOL

tatt · 24/03/2009 19:37

keep a food diary. Being sick usually means reflux and that's probably more often seen as a milk problem that gluten. Oats don't actually contain gluten but there is quite a high probability that they have been contaminated with gluten from shared storage/ processing.

If you are going for a blood test (which can be traumatic and I think - check mumsnet or coeliac society website- isn't reliable in such a young child anyway) they need to be eating gluten for weeks before the test.

TheRedSalamander · 25/03/2009 08:09

thanks loobey and tatt. I took him to the hv yesterday morning and she was great. Has referred us to a paediatric dietician for further investigation. Fingers crossed we can work out between us what it is that's bothering him!

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