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Finger food ideas needed urgently for dairy/soya free 12mth!!

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simpson · 02/03/2009 22:34

Basically DD has decided (as of today!!) to not eat food off a spoon anymore

So am stuck for ideas as to what to feed her...

ATM I do chicken, roasted veg, steamed veg, fruit, rice cakes, bread sticks, toast and that is it...(she has no teeth BTW so needs to be able to gum food iyswim)

Have heard of oat cakes - are they any good??

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strawberrycornetto · 02/03/2009 22:57

DS liked fish fingers as finger food. Some shop bought ones are dairy and soya free or you can make them. I used the shop ones and cut them into three. There are also some organix gingerbread men which DS loved.

simpson · 02/03/2009 23:09

Stawberry - where did you get the gingerbread men from?? They sound ideal

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trixymalixy · 02/03/2009 23:20

You can get mini oatcakes, the brand is nairns i think.

What about pasta? That should be easily gummed. Spag bol is a clasic BLW photo op!

My Ds has always loved new potatoes as a finger food.

have you seen aitch's blog? there will be some good ideas on there.

simpson · 02/03/2009 23:25

Trixy - the only thing DD hates is blooming pasta Grrr...would be sooo easy otherwise!!

Funnily enough we have had new pots tonight for dinner and did some extra for DD which she will have with fish fingers (cheers Strawberry cornetto!!)

Will google BLW cheers had forgotten about it

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trixymalixy · 02/03/2009 23:30

I was sooo delighted when my DS decided he liked pasta. Life became so much easier!!

BTW the organix gingerbread men can be bought in the baby food section of most supermarkets.

strawberrycornetto · 03/03/2009 15:47

I got them in waitrose but they also have in sainsburys and boots that I've seen.

simpson · 03/03/2009 21:50

Ok went to sainsburys today and bought oat cakes but it says that the equipment used to make them may have handled milk...

Has anyone else had a problem with them??

They are Nairns ones BTW...

Also was on BLW website and read about a dairy free pesto. Is it any good??

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trixymalixy · 03/03/2009 22:54

My DS is fine with nairns oatcakes.

The dairy free pesto is by meridian, it is not too bad. You can get it in Sainsburys and probably other supermarkets. It contains cashews though, so I wouldn't give it to your DD.

simpson · 04/03/2009 14:43

Ok got some chicken nuggets which seem suitable for her

How pathetic to get so excited over finding food she can eat

Dietician rang today and she said to try the pesto as DD has intolerances rather than just got to find it now...

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