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Can I substitute 'white wine vinegar' for 'white vinegar' ?

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Snowstorm · 08/02/2009 12:51

Am making an allergy free cake and it requires 15ml 'white vinegar' but DH couldn't find it at the supermarket. Have got 'white wine vinegar' at home - could I use that instead or would that be a really big mistake?

Am aware this could be a stupid question but plead ignorance on all things relating to the kitchen cupboard ... and that's why I posted on Mumsnet as opposed to asking the school mums

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PixelHerder · 08/02/2009 13:04

What allergens are you trying to avoid? (eggs, dairy, yeast?)

I would have thought the only potential allergen that white wine vinegar might have that white didn't was yeast, but I may be wrong!

Snowstorm · 08/02/2009 13:28

Egg/nut/diary allergies but it was also a question of taste ... and whether white 'wine' vinegar would change the taste of the cake?

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Nontoxic · 08/02/2009 13:33

I think if anything wine vinegar would be an improvement - they probably suggest white as it's cheaper.
Am intrigued to know what sort of cake it is tbough - I've never used any sort of vinegar in a recipe.
But I am generally a fan of the stuff, so am impressed to find yet another use!

PixelHerder · 08/02/2009 13:35

Prob okay allergy-wise then, and I can't imagine it would affect the taste that much, give it a go!

Snowstorm · 08/02/2009 14:27

Okay, will give it a whirl - thank you all!

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