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Allergies and intolerances

do you get a temperature with an allergic reaction to cats?

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Welshthang · 13/01/2009 20:47

My DS (18 months) has just started with a new childminder who is absolutely brilliant, but to cut the long story short I'm worried that he is allergic to her two cats! I'm not sure though - he was with her for a week and seemed absolutely fine, then got a high temperature and a weird rash that started on his back and then covered his chest, legs and face. The rash didnt seem to bother him that much, and once the temp lowered after 2 days he was fine. He went back to the childminder yesterday, and his temp is up again (101'F) and he seems to have a hacking cough. He's been prone to frequent chesty coughs and chest infections since a baby (he was hospitalised with bronchiolitis for his first Christmas!) so should i get set for another bout? Or is this a virus? Or is he allergic to the lovely childminder's cats? Would a reaction have showed up faster - he doesnt have an itchy rash or a runny nose or watery eyes. Do you get a temperature with an allergic reaction? Sorry for rambling - I'm knackered through lack of sleep, over anxiety and being back at work fulltime!

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Roskva · 13/01/2009 20:56

The allergic reactions I get to cats are watery eyes, sneezing and wheezing in that order. I don't even have to touch the creatures - just being in a room where a cat has been can be enough. I don't get a temperature, though.

NoBiggy · 13/01/2009 20:59

I've had a rash on my face and that made me feel like I was being roasted, but I'm not sure if it was a fever type temperature.

edam · 13/01/2009 21:01

I'd be surprised if an allergic reaction raised his temperature, tbh. Have a look at the Allergy UK website - can't recall the URL but google it.

edam · 13/01/2009 21:02

dh is allergic to cats, dogs, any creature with fur or feathers - never had a temperature, more wheezing and asthma-symptoms or rashes depending on the animal and whether it has touched him.

CoteDAzur · 13/01/2009 21:02

Allergies don't cause a fever, afaik.

Guadalupe · 13/01/2009 21:03

I'm very allergic to cats and I don't think I've had a temp with it. I feel a bit hot and bothered but mostly it's watery eyes, sneezing and itching with a thick head and in some cases wheezing.

edam · 13/01/2009 22:15

temperature = infection AFAIK.

Haribolicious · 13/01/2009 22:19

I get very itchy eyes and they bulge out (looks gross like the whites of my eyes are falling out!) and sneeze a lot with some bad wheezing. No temperature tho.

usnkidz · 13/01/2009 22:21

doesnt sound like allergy. Take him to GP.

twentypence · 13/01/2009 22:22

Ds gets a temperature when he has a reaction to dogs. But then he is more likely to have a bad reaction when is is already falling ill, so I think what she has is a bit of both.

Welshthang · 14/01/2009 08:14

Thanks everybody - you have put my mind at rest - i can handle a bug or an infection, but (selfishly perhaps!) dont want to have to start the whole process of searching for a childminder again if DS is allergic to her cats. Cheers! Will take the Little Man to the GP if he's no better today.

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