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mystery rash: food intolerance, dog or central heating - what do you think?

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hobnob57 · 08/01/2009 19:58

I was hopeful that I may be able to graduate DD from this board, but now I'm not so sure. Just to set the scene, DD (2.1) was VERY sensitive to gluten and dairy when I was BF from the word go (although it took 5 months to work out the gluten link), had/has(?) silent reflux treated with ranitidine, but has been undergoing food challenges. We have been slowly introducing dairy for almost a year now, but had pretty much stuck to yoghurt, fromage frais and the occasional babybel. We added in gluten in October and had apparently no ill-effects. Her previous symptoms with the gluten were raging reflux and explosive diarrhoea.

Since October, she's had an increasing problem with constipation. We'd variously blamed having the cold, not drinking enough, etc. but it's not resolved itself. This week it took 5 days between poos and was very upsetting for her.

Her skin had been becoming increasingly rough on her upper right arm, and an eczema-like patch on her belly. I wondered if this was perhaps because she was having more dairy in the run-up to Christmas with her CM - chocolate, cakes, the odd bit of ice cream. Whole milk may still be a problem for her, and she definitely complained of sore tummies more often.

However, in the past week I have cut her dairy right down to one fromage frais and a small chocolate snowman after tea, but her skin has erupted. There are more red rough patches on her belly, some on her lower back and bits and pieces appearing elsewhere. But what I'm really mystified by is a spotty acne-like rash which appeared yesterday in her inner elbow area and the base of her neck, front and back. It settled down overnight and just looked like rough skin this morning but this afternoon when I collected her from CM it was flared up again, worse than yesterday. The CM is a new one since Christmas and has a dog. She keeps her house quite warm compared with ours. Do you think that this sounds like an ongoing food thing, a potential problem with dogs or just winter skin exacerbated by high central heating?

Sorry to ramble, but you guys are the experts! When I bathed her tonight she looked covered in red bits. She saw her GI in Nov and he recommended keeping up the gluten 'till Feb when he could decide if coeliac testing is in order, and to try more dairy in the meantime, which I have done. But, as a result, I'm not sure if this could all be an acculmulating gluten problem or dairy problem or just a winter problem.

OP posts:
nowwearefour · 08/01/2009 20:45

v sorry i know nothing about this but bumping for you

nickschick · 08/01/2009 20:48

bumping - but perhaps its like dry heat rash??

if shes not pooping very often could her body be a bit run down?

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