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Allergies and intolerances

wheezing - any ideas?

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gingersarah · 05/01/2009 16:27

I have a respiratory problem, I had it about 2 years ago and it went away by itself, it was never diagnosed. I have a feeling it may be to do with allergies (in the loose sense - not anaphylactic) but I have been tested for allergies to common things and none of them came up positive.

Please can I ask you experts for advice on these things, I am seeing a dr tomorrow and would like things to be as clear as possible in my mind before I go:

When it is bad, I wheeze audibly but the congestion is somehow not in my chest (breastbone) or on the back between the shoulderblades (where they listen with the stethoscope) but higher up. Does anyone know what this could be or what it is called?

Last time it cleared up by itself - after a few months I suddenly started coughing up loads of gunk and my breathing cleared. are there allergies / intolerances (whatever you call them) which cause mucus to form in that nameless space below-throat-above-chest, which would then clear if the allergen / untolerated substance were removed?

Are there obvious things I might be allergic to / intolerant of that I should ask to be tested for?

I am pregnant and I think that is making it worse (being more prone to sinus congestion, and having limited lung space to spare). But I don't think that pregnancy is the root of it, because I had it before when not pregnant. Is there something I can say that will persuade the doc to look into this properly? I am afraid of being brushed away and told to wait till I have had the baby. It is very debilitating, I am having a lot of trouble with stairs and commuting.

thank you all for your help with this!

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