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Cutting out diary. How do you ensure baby has enough calcium?

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tryingtobemarypoppins · 02/01/2009 19:39

My DS 13 months, has a terrible runny nose, very loose nappies, was very colicy early on. I have always syspected a milk allergy but ped and GP said to watch and wait. A little sick of watching and waiting so have read and read and now wondering about limiting diary. At 13months how could I approach this ensuring he has enough calcium?

OP posts:
Metella · 02/01/2009 19:41

This is difficult to do on your own. You should really see a Dietician.

tryingtobemarypoppins · 02/01/2009 19:42

We are on the waiting list........still waiting......

OP posts:
Metella · 02/01/2009 19:48

I know - the waiting is terrible!

Ds2 was given a liquid calcium supplement but we didn't get that until the Dietician agreed it.

Really don't limit dairy if you can possibly avoid it - it is such a nightmare as it crops up everywhere.

alicecrail · 02/01/2009 19:48

Does he eat broccoli? Also could try looking up vegan recipes as they may have ideas

cocolepew · 02/01/2009 19:51

My DD takes Soya milk with added calcium

mawbroon · 02/01/2009 19:55

Can he tolerate goats or sheeps milk/cheese/yog etc?

tryingtobemarypoppins · 02/01/2009 20:04

If we have a day of cows milk with breakfast, yogart, chesse etc etc he is very sympotmatic so I was wondering if to simply cut down, but then what about the calcium levels?

OP posts:
trixymalixy · 04/01/2009 22:40

My Ds is allergic to dairy and i got a sheet from the dietician with calcium levels on it. by far and away the highest was a bowl of porridge.

Sesame has really high calcium levels.

As do broccoli and other green veg.

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