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Anyone reacted to the air-con on a plane (to Tenerife/Tunisia)?

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nightcat · 22/12/2008 13:08

My ds experienced an instant reaction as soon as the air-con was switched on, it lasted the whole flight and on and off during the stay as well as on the return back. I also felt very fuzzy, similar to when I reacted to antimalarials in the past.

Does anyone know if thy put antimalarials into air-con or perhaps fumigate planes with them?

I will be contacting the travel company to find out more, but there was no info available on board when I asked, I was just told " a lot of people react to the air-con like that". Staff seemed to be OK, but there was a lot of coughing on the plane from all directions, increasing as we flew on.

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tiredemma · 22/12/2008 19:40

I have never heard of it. Have you tried to google to see if there is any info online?

Might be worth contacting the airlines though.

nightcat · 23/12/2008 11:04

So far I have managed to find out that there is a higher incidence of allergic reactions in the Canaries due to dust coming from Sahara, dust could potentially be also in the cabins blown about.

Interestingly, my ds also suffered nose bleeds right through the stay, which makes me think maybe this was a reaction to dust rather than chemicals (or maybe both).

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