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Asthma and the flu advice - can you help?

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AnneOfAvonlea · 11/12/2008 13:25

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with seasonal asthma about 4 years ago by GP. It seems to get worse in winter and clear up in summer. It is primarily triggered by a virus.

I have a blue ventolin inhaler to take as needed and a brown clenil inhaler to take 2 x a day. I take the brown inhaler when I am experiencing symptoms so not all year.

This week I have had flu. Fever for 48 hours, cold, cough etc. I am left with a nasty cough, lots of green phlegm and continuous breathlessness.

I know I shouldnt take the blue inhaler more than every 4 hours during the day. When I take it I get some relief for a while but I am permanently wheezy and short of breath at the moment.

Is this 'normal' ie to be expected in an asthmatic after the flu? Or am I not managing the condition properly? I had an attack the other night which turned into more of a panic attack.

I feel really lousy, cant sleep because of the wheezy, crackliness when I breathe but I dont want to go to GP if he's just going to say it is part and parcel if flu and I should just deal with it.

I'd appreciate any advice.

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Racers · 11/12/2008 13:48

I have asthma and have suffered lots of chest infections after common colds. Has much improved since brig advised to double brown inhaler dose at signs of a cold and keep up this rate for 2 weeks after symptoms subside. I would see yr gp/asthma nurse if I were you. You should also get the flu jab if not already done so.

Racers · 11/12/2008 13:49

brig?!? being

Racers · 11/12/2008 13:52

also blue inhaler safe to take more often if you need it but prevention is better so I would seek advice. Also if green productive cough continues at least they could give you some antibiotics, which should improve things for you

AnneOfAvonlea · 11/12/2008 13:57

Thank you racers. I have booked an appointment for this afternoon. Just needed reassurance I wasnt being a timewaster...

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Racers · 11/12/2008 19:38

I hope you got sorted at the docs. I'm sure they agreed asthma and flu are not a good combination !

AnneOfAvonlea · 11/12/2008 19:47

Thanks Racers. My other thread is I had a good appointment.

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