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Allergies and intolerances

Horizon BBC2 - on NOW about the dramatic rise in allergies ( 700% in last 10 years !)

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GivePeasAChance · 09/12/2008 21:10

Not sure what exactly it is about but may be interesting for those with allergies

OP posts:
Tortington · 09/12/2008 21:11

its all becuase of early weaning

Ros3 · 09/12/2008 21:11

Thank you, off to have a look....

GivePeasAChance · 09/12/2008 21:12

And bottle feeding

OP posts:
ilikeyoursleeves · 09/12/2008 21:13

In BBC2 Scotland we are being treated to a documentary on one of the worst housing estates in Glasgow!

GivePeasAChance · 09/12/2008 21:14

iplayer is the answer

OP posts:
strawberrycornetto · 09/12/2008 23:51

So who saw it? Was interested to see that the featured the Leap Study DS is on. Also thought the immunotherapy on the boy with the dog allergy was really interesting. It sounds like BBF's daughter's peanut treatment. Not sure about the americans who were allergic to everything and made the camera crews cover their cameras with tin foil though !! Overall, a bit sensationalist, I was v upset by the girl who died from the peanut allergy and by the little boy with the skin disease.

babybarrister · 10/12/2008 07:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

christywhisty · 10/12/2008 08:14

I didn't see the beginning but agree I did have doubts about the multi allergy people.
I do know someone who has a big problem with a chemical that is found in glues. When she has a reaction it brings on sensitivities to other chemicals, however she starts a very high course of steroids and strong antihistamines and avoids soaps etc and she is normally fine within a couple of weeks.
I got the impression those people probably had psychological problems.

Turniphead1 · 10/12/2008 08:24

Well... it reassured me that DD is getting good care (as both her allergist and her dermatologist, Lack and Harper were featured...)

Didn't really give any answers, but raised some good points. The boy allergic to dogs was so lovely I was so happy with him. Going to ask Prof Lack about immunotherapy next time I see him.

Agreed, the American lady seemed a little er...unbalanced.

The discussion though about the difference between allergy and intolerance was very very good. Wish I had written it down!

Turniphead1 · 10/12/2008 08:24

happy FOR him.

fairywave · 10/12/2008 08:45

Saw this last night. I thought it was very good, if upsetting in parts. Nothing hugely new to me but I did find it encouraging that so much research is being done, although it seems we're a long way off finding all the answers

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