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Can vaccinations trigger excema?

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meglet · 17/11/2008 14:02

Both my 2yo DS and 10week DD have excema despite no history of any allergies in either family. DS was bf and ff at the time of his first jabs but DD is fully bf and they have both got excema at around 8 / 9 weeks of age. Is it common for the jabs to cause excema?

OP posts:
TheShipsCat · 17/11/2008 14:18

I have heard that many things trigger excema which is already sort of latent in a person, iyswim, and I think jabs can be one of those things. But it can be lots of other stuff too... I think this is what happened to DD1.

TheShipsCat · 17/11/2008 14:19

So no, I don't think jabs cause excema, just set it off when it was going to happen anyway...

takingitasitcomes · 17/11/2008 14:22

Not that I know of - but my experience is limited as I only have one DS with eczma. DS's started at about 8 weeks, but only mildly and it took a few weeks to get worse to the point where I realised what it was and took him to the Dr. It is not one of the things the GP suggested to me as a cause. So far they've suggested... laundry powder/contact irritation from his pram or bedding etc/food allergies (but he was EBF when it started, so that is apparently very unlikely)/the onset of winter, with the cold air and wind and central heating/the hard water in Oxford. Basically, they don't know what causes it. I think if there was evidences linking it to immunisations it would probably have been suggested to me by now as everything else has!

Sorry, not a helpful post, but I imagine I share your frustration as I've been trying to work out the cause for months now with no success. No history in our families either.

meglet · 17/11/2008 14:24

Same here, we have no idea if anything is causing it or making it worse. The only other thing that crosses my mind is that we have very hard water in our house, I'm sure that can't help their skin .

OP posts:
takingitasitcomes · 17/11/2008 14:30

Yes - the hard water thing is apparently a common irritant. But what can we do about that? I can't bath him in Evian! So we've cut back on baths altogether (sadly, as I love that bit of bed-time) so he's only having two a week. His skin is improving a bit, but I don't know if that's due to the new bath routine or the fact that I've been slathering on the Oilatum cream (which, by the way, is the most effective emollient that we've tried by far).

meglet · 17/11/2008 14:33

we only do baths every other night, maybe we need to cut back a bit more.

i did consider bathing DD in mineral water a couple of times as she is only 10 weeks old, still might if I can get some cheap stuff on offer. Might be a useful (but expensive) experiment .

OP posts:
takingitasitcomes · 17/11/2008 14:40

Could be useful experiment - especially as your LO is so very little still. I'm hating the whole thing as I keep worrying about it getting worse again and am finding it very confusing to try and work out when to introduce new foods to DS (he's now 6 1/2 months) as the GP has scared me that he might have real reactions to some of them.

meglet · 17/11/2008 14:42

so far..... (touches wood )... we haven't had any other allergic reactions to anything. But I am dreading trying nuts when he gets to 3.

OP posts:
rebelmum1 · 17/11/2008 14:59

Yes it can I believe it is on the list of potential side-effects. We see a cranial osteopath who has helped us with eczema amongst other things, it would be worth a trip to help minimise the impact and make sure all else is well.

BalloonSlayer · 17/11/2008 17:43

The paediatrician once asked whether DS1's eczema got worse after his jabs.

I checked the red book and lo !!! After every jab, the next HV entry mentioned that his eczema had got worse.

When I next saw the paediatrician I mentioned this in some excitement. He explained that he hadn't thought that the jabs caused the eczema, but that jabs often make the baby feel unwell, which is stressful, and eczema will often flare up when someone feels unwell or stressed.

So, unconclusive on that one. Now the eczema is so well-controlled you wouldn't know he has it (main culprit: food allergies), he has had other jabs with no flare-ups.

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