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Allergies and intolerances

Why does my 2yo ds get spotty knees? Is it an allergy?????

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cruisemum1 · 16/11/2008 14:01

My ds gets spotty knees, mainly on teh front but sometimes behind the knees too. It is really obvious at bathtime as I guess his skin is hotter. He already has soya milk though everything else is dairy (cheese,yoghurts etc). I just find it a bit odd! Anyone got any ideas?????????

OP posts:
ruty · 16/11/2008 14:02

ds gets this too! no idea why.

cruisemum1 · 16/11/2008 14:15

ruty - does it bother your ds? Mine doesn't seem to notice!

OP posts:
DesperateHousewifeToo · 16/11/2008 14:22

My dd gets this behind the knees and in elbow (or 'oboe' as she calls them) creases.

She has it at the moment and has been woken at night by the itching.

I have put it down to wearing some clothes that we have had handed down that I did not wash first. I suspect it's the other family's washing powder or fabric conditioner that has caused it.

Have been applying diprobase and giving piriton whan bad but may resort to hydrocortisone if continues as this will definitely clear it up.

ruty · 16/11/2008 14:30

no it doesn't bother him!

cruisemum1 · 16/11/2008 16:57

i suppose what i want to know is should I take him to the docs/health visitor?

OP posts:
DesperateHousewifeToo · 16/11/2008 18:19

I probably wouldn't bother if he is not bothered by them.

I have all the creams/med from my ds who has serious allergies. Have never taken dd to gp because of spots/itchiness.

asicsgirl · 18/11/2008 10:33

ds1 has very very mild eczema which sometimes shows up as spots on his thighs and upper arms. not sure if this is the same thing but doc can give you remedies for mild eczema e.g creams and bath additives.

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