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Allergies and intolerances

animal allergies

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jackiem41 · 05/11/2008 21:54

hi my son is 10yrs old and has ashtma which is normaly under control we have had quite a few incident where he has needed hospital treatment after coming in to contact with animals his gp refered him to an allergy clinic about 3yrs ago and they did a prick test which confirmed horses and rabbits where the worst as they measured 12 and 13 on the test something to do with the bumps on his arms cats ect were much lower. We control this by keeping him away wherever possible although after his siter visited a farm and sat next to him in the car he again needed treatment for his ashtma and swelling of his face we have been given antihistimines for this. recently we have had quite a few occasions where his face swells for no reason and his eyes almost shut although this hasnt affected his breathing i`m worried that it will butr i have no idea what is the cause of this as he certainly hasnt been in any contact with animals are there any other allergies that could be closely liked with what he allready has? should i ask for more tests?

OP posts:
williamsmummy · 05/11/2008 22:23

yes, I think so , and you need to ask if your son needs to add /change his treatment plan, re meds if he has reactions that are not controled with just inhalers and antihistmines.

Quite a few severe asthmatics carry epi pens, it may be worth mentioning/thinking about this with the allergy clinic.
An allergy clinic should also( I hope) be more helpful in giving advice to those with severe asthma/and triggers.

my son used to have all the environmental allergies, and although is not formally asthmatic his response to dog means that his throat closes up. So we have an inhaler , oral steriods, and have been advised to use an epi pen if required.
He also has many food allergies, which was the main reason for the epi pens.
He has outgrown his hay fever, but is dog/cat/dustmite/tree pollen allergic.

wb · 05/11/2008 22:30

I am a very allergicky person - worst offenders being rabbits and horses interestingly enough. I don't have to go near either to react, just being near someone who has and who has the dander on their clothes is enough. Was your son out in public when these episodes took place?

tinytalker · 06/11/2008 23:27

My daughter has an anaphylactic reaction to horses and will even react if she sits next to someone else who has been in contact with horses. She also tested positive for cats, dogs, rabbits, dust mite, silver birch and plane tree. She also has asthma which reacts badly to inscense and perfumed candles.
I would definitely push for another test, it's best to know what you are up against i think.

jackiem41 · 07/11/2008 08:34

thanks everyone i took ds to doctor yesturday and he has been refered back to the allergy clinic so hopefully we will find out what is causing it

OP posts:
karise · 14/11/2008 12:36

Something I have noticed with my allergies is that they do weem to go in cycles!
For a few years my chest would be affected, then puffy eyes & most recently stuffy nose.
I do believe that the cycle is of around 7 years, would this make sense for your son?
It is a terrible allergy which many people just don't take seriously. Many of my family have been affected & interestingly, asthma enhalers have never offered our family much relief!
We have a very large stock of piriton in the house!

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