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red blotchy skin on nose and cheeks... is it an allergy?

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Nyasmum · 27/10/2008 09:00

Hi, I'm looking for suggestions here. We live in the Philippines and the local medical services aren't so up to date. My dd started having red blotchy skin just on her face at about 7mos. Took her to the Dr and were both put on a non-allergen diet (I was still BF). They also gave her anti histamine syrup which I stopped giving her after a week as it had no effect. The diet also made no difference, the spots would come and go every few days. She gets heat rash quite badly on her sholders and forehead so i thought maybe it was the same. She is now 16 months and she still gets them although less regularly, perhaps once a month. They don't itch or seem to bother her at all but I do wish they would go away. Any ideas what it could be?

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BlueBumedFly · 27/10/2008 14:03

Does she have any other symptoms? Wheezing? Stomach Ache? Swollen Face?

Could it be eczema? I have kids with allergies and they usually get more than just skin flare ups. My friend has an 18 month old who gets red spots on her face after eating and she was convinced it was a food allergy, in fact it was eczema caused by dribble when she was eating and she was prescribed a cream to help clear it up which it was.

The best thing to do is to keep a two week food diary and note down whenever your DD has spots to see if you can see a pattern. If you do, remove ONE food at a time to see if it clears it up. If you remove more than one food at a time you will not know which one it was.

Hope you get sorted.

christywhisty · 28/10/2008 13:22

This could be teething, ds face was often like this when he was teething

Nyasmum · 29/10/2008 02:43

Thanks for the suggestions. I will wait til it happens again and check if she is teething or if not start testing foods. She doesn't have any other symptoms that I can tell. It also seems to be happening less as she gets older. Thanks again

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