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Allergies and intolerances

How quickly will eczema come up?

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strawberrycornetto · 14/09/2008 21:52

DS has eczema and we have just discovered he is allergic to cows milk. He is breastfed and we are weaning but am giving him no dairy. I've also cut out dairy and soya from my own diet (although this is only day 4).

Tonight, DS had tea. About an hour later when I did his bath, his face and left arm looked blotchy like a rash had come out and after his bath his face had gone but it looked like new eczema had come out on his arm.

I am still new to all this stuff and don't really know what happpened. Could it be a reaction to the food? He had a plum baby meal which was spinach, parsnip and basil. Thinking as I write, his first allergic reaction to milk was milk stirred into parsnip. Subsequently he had an allergic reaction to milk on his skin but now I wonder if he is allergic to both milk and parsnip. It would be a coincidence but it would possibly explain the bad skin reaction the first time.

Sorry this is a bit of a stream of consciousness - what does everyone think? Will eczema come up that quickly? I feel really out of my depth with this and am worried I might do something wrong and make all this stuff worse for him.

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Salleroo · 14/09/2008 22:04

I think it will. DD was red raw, she is now seeing a dermatologist and on low levels of cortisone twice a day. Took her swimming, eczema back as bad as ever almost over night.

Sounds a bit strange that it was gone on his face after bath, more a reaction to the food then patches of exzema?

DD hates parsnip if that's any use. I'm pretty careful. Only boring 'plain' foods, but I use herbs and spices and goats formula and milk.

Have you had an allergy test, seen a dermatologist? we tried all sorts of creams, herbs, homeopaty and in the end cortisone is all that works to keep it under control.

loobeylou · 15/09/2008 16:50

eczema can come up very quickly

could it be the baby bubble bath/soap you use rather than a food?

my dd's bum would go very blotchy from the heat of the bath water, even when her eczema was clear, it would show blotchy red in the same places just from the heat

allergic "reactions" can also carry on happening for days after the food has been eaten making it hard to pin down what/when it was caused

williamsmummy · 15/09/2008 18:00

dairy can be in shampoos and bath stuff...............did you use any in the bathroom?

my son was allergic to almonds when he was younger, a dribble of almond bubble bath went down the side of the bath.
I didnt notice and as he sat in the water, he developed hives on the nearest side to bubble bath.
After wards as hives went down, ezcema appeared.

its also worth checking the ingrediants of prescribed ezcema treatments.

strawberrycornetto · 15/09/2008 21:43

I only use prescribed stuff in his bath. What I think happened is that I used a towel to prop him up in his high chair at tea. His arm rested on the towel. I think I had wrapped my hair in it and I think it was a reaction to the traces of my shampoo or conditioner on the towel. Although I guess it could be a number of thngs, that seems the most likely to me because the rash was on that arm and that side of his face.

  • I can't believe how scary all this allergy stuff is.
OP posts:
williamsmummy · 16/09/2008 10:45

well..........try not to think of it as scary, think of it like over over sensitive skin.

happened very frequently when my son was younger, it became very normal to be dosing him up with antihistamine, or washing he skin to remove environmental triggers.
( he was allergic to all environmental allergies at one point)

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