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Allergies and intolerances

dairyfree yog for kids?

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chocolatescoffer · 31/08/2008 01:00

DS is milk allergic, currently having alpro yogs. is there any other dairyfree yogs on the market perhaps aimed more for kids? hes getting a little bored with the alpro ones!

thanks x

OP posts:
misi · 31/08/2008 01:02

there are but not very nice!
what is it about dairy do you know?
ie is it lactose or casein?

chocolatescoffer · 31/08/2008 01:07

lactose i think!! its the cows milk he cant have if that helps!?

OP posts:
misi · 31/08/2008 01:14

lactose is the sugar in milk and casien is one of the proteins in milk but is the one which causes 99% of the protien probs!

sojade and sojasun are a couple of other brands for yoghurts

bute island, tofutti and redwood for cheeses

biona and suma for spreads

and swedish glace for ice cream

these are the ones I remember from memory that sold reasonably well in my shop.

I am sure there are more but alpro are about the best

chocolatescoffer · 31/08/2008 01:22

thats wonderful thanks misi i shall look out for them its casien its definatly protein thanks again x

OP posts:
ToughDaddy · 31/08/2008 09:45

My children like Alpro Soya (Peach&Pear and Strawberry&Banana) yoghurt and like it very much. There are other flavours as well. Tescos and Sainburys

ToughDaddy · 31/08/2008 09:46

sorry, i see that you already use Alpro

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