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18mo DS has to have a food challenge in hospital - any tips or advice?

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trixymalixy · 25/08/2008 23:03

It sounds like it's going to be a complete nightmare. I don't see how he is going to last 5 hours without any food, he normally eats like a horse.

I'm still bfing him so he is going to be pulling at my top the whole time.

Am I allowed to bf him or will he be allowed juice?

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MatNanPlus · 26/08/2008 12:09

According to a US site clear liquids and breast feeding are acceptable, but best to call.

wb · 26/08/2008 13:25

When ds1 had a milk challenge he was allowed to eat normally (obviously his normal food was dairy free), I just took the food in with me. The only restriction was he had to eat it in a little side room (challenge was done in day-care unit) as a lot of the other children were being fasted awaiting surgery.

Have you been told he can't eat?

trixymalixy · 26/08/2008 18:00

I have been told that he can have a light breakfast, but has to be fasted from 7am and we've to be at the hospital for 9am and the process will last 4-5hours.

I really hope I can bf him as there's no way he'll last from 7am to 2pm without anything to eat.

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