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anyone tried bamboo clothing?

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tatt · 11/08/2008 08:26

was looking at bambooclothing and bamboobaby. sounds good but is it actually good for sensitive skin?

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 11/08/2008 08:29

I haven't tried it, but from what I know from a nappy perspective it should be good for sensitive skin

VictoriaClover · 01/02/2009 14:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

scampsw · 01/07/2010 17:25

My daughter has been wearing bamboo pyjamas for ages. They're really soft and supposed to be good for regulating heat.
Lots of people whose kids ahve eczema have told me they are better than even organic cotton for sensitive skins so there might be something there.
I haven't tried the brand you mention but there are others you can buy online - easily found using google!

looseleaf · 17/08/2010 22:48

I was hoping this thread would have suggestions for where to shop as I seriously love bamboo now and much softer/ nicer generally imo than cotton. I find it hard to find though- for instance am now trying to find a bamboo winter coat which I think is ambitious! will have to continue digging up old threads in hope...

naturopath · 17/08/2010 23:26

no but have tried silk pyjamas for ds's eczema - was v good.

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