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Anyone know if the 100 percent cotton school uniform/clothing is coming into Asda again this year or whether you have it in your stores yet?

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chloesmumtoo · 04/07/2008 17:48

Not had any feedback from them and getting anxious as to whether its going to be stocked anymore. Have you seen any in your stores?

OP posts:
desperatehousewifetoo · 06/07/2008 15:31

Their website shows 100% cotton polo shirts, jumpers and sweatshirts if that's any help?

chloesmumtoo · 06/07/2008 18:56

Its mainly the black skirts,trousers and white shirts I usually buy.

OP posts:
TwoToTango · 06/07/2008 19:30

I've seen the 100% jumpers in my local store - about a week ago

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