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salicylate sensitivity and general chemical sensitivity help

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snozmum · 20/06/2008 15:38

Does anyone know any good forums for parents of children with salicylate and chemical sensitivities? Our 2.5 year old is sensitive to salicylates and high phenol foods and can't even play with play doh without getting hyperactive because of the chemicals in it. We are waiting for a hospital referral because at the moment he is surviving on Neocate, meat, rice and pears. It is such a difficult road - can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thank you.

OP posts:
martini82 · 02/07/2008 07:51

sorry can't really point you to anywhere but i'm really interested as to how do you know he is sensitive to salicylates?? my ds has adhd and i think salicylates could be a trigger but don't know how to test for it. just a thought some of the adhd web sites may have some info.

bambi06 · 17/07/2008 20:45

courgettes also affect my son and avocado.. what about butternut squash/sweet son loves these and doesnt react

LittleBakerMommy · 16/03/2024 20:06

Hi! I am currently going through the exact same thing as you! This was many many years ago you posted. Please tell me you have some more information on how to help my little boy! X

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