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mystery eczema, any advice??

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easydoesit · 18/06/2008 19:12

my dd is 14 months and is allergic to eggs and dairy. she never gets eczema unless she has one of these, which is very rare, and she reacts very quickly. She has returned from my MIL's several times with eczema, she says she only gives her the food we send. Could it be anything else?? or is it as black and white as I think??

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BlueBumedFly · 18/06/2008 21:45

We went to MILs at the weekend and my DD's eczema went wild after the bath, she is also 14 months. DD is intol to wheat and eggs but she had had neither. I did however find a pot of out of date VIM in the bathroom that I guessed had been used to clean the bath and was therefore the culprit. I did not say anything as she was so thrilled we went, just next time DD won't be having a bath there!

pinkyp · 18/06/2008 22:02

my sons eczema gets worse when he's hot / been dribbling on his t.shirt which gets damp maybe it could be something as simple as this? I dont wear perfume but maybe ur mil had some on that could of irratated his skin,? or maybe she dried him on a towl / been holding him against her clothes that she washes in a washing powder that irrates his skin?
Just some simply possibiltys?

easydoesit · 18/06/2008 23:06

thanku, that gives me hope. she didn't have a bath but the washing powder thing s worth looking into. do you think the eczema could come up on her arm creases even if they didn't come directly into contact with it? also it doesn't come up when we go there with her.

OP posts:
desperatehousewifetoo · 19/06/2008 20:09

I seem to remember that my ds' eczema got worse in arm creases once after visit to my mum's. I think my mum just didn't dry him well enough!

My dd's skin reacts to water even sometimes, I think.

BlueBumedFly · 19/06/2008 20:13

How odd, perhaps MIL let her got too hot? Perhaps she was a little too wrapped up?

fifa · 19/06/2008 20:19

Biological powder always does it in this house and fabric softener. Agree with the not been dried properly theory as well as DD2's creases flare up if left to dry au natural!

Does she get stressed out or overexcited, DD2's flares up after every new outing.

Snugglepaws · 19/06/2008 21:14

Hi If is any help go to .I developedthe clothes for my sons eczema. He has had it from 2 months old . It just a way of helping with the whole itch /scratch cycle to help the skin to heal .Hope it helps

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