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Is Rice Milk or Oat Milk ok for 6mo

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PanT · 24/05/2008 07:40

I tried my 6.5mo DS on dairy (yoghurt)for the first time yesterday (he is BF) and he came out in a nettle rash over his face, neck, arms and legs so I am querying a possible dairy allergy. I am taking him to the GP but want to stay clear of dairy until then but I was wondering if rice milk/oat milk would be ok for cooking or to put on cereals when I introduce breakfast. I am also going to cut out dairy and see if his eczema inproves and he is also frequently sick after feeds so it will be interesting to see if this improves!

OP posts:
OverMyDeadBody · 24/05/2008 09:15

could you not use EBM instead? Just to be on the safe side?

I'm sure rice or oat milk would be fine, but you need to check the ingredients, those 'milks' often have added ingredients or are sweetened with tihngs like grape jiuce. Most likely the added ingredients are fine for 6 month olds, but there are lots of things you could feed your DS without any dairy or dairy substitutes, especially if he's getting plenty of BM. Food at this age is more for learning and experiencing tastes, rather than for the nutritional value.

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