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Piriton dosne't seem to be working this year...:(

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Idobelieveinfairies · 07/05/2008 21:02

My ds who is 12 has been getting hayfever for 3 years now, it has always been mainly just HUGE swollen eyes, a bit of discomfort and piriton has always helped.

Today has ben the worst EVER! his eyes are like slits in his face, watering like mad, sneezing, runny nose, dry throat. He looks horrendous. It looks like he has been in a fight without the bruising.

Anyhooowww piriton is not making any difference (hes been on it for 2 weeks now) it doctor time or is their something else i can try from the chemists for this age?

ds 9 seems to have it starting just today, hes has never had it before at all. ..blinking pollen.

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NaughtyNigella · 07/05/2008 22:00

being over 12 could try one of the other over the counter antihistamines - cetirizine or loratidine.
or get something on prescription.
it really is at its evilist today. i'm suffering and DD2 who has never had any seems to be - sore eyes & grumpy

bambi06 · 07/05/2008 22:07

so many people seem to be suffering from allergies of some sort or other. at the hayfever,eczema and they havent before ,well not since a child though , my hayfever usually kicks in feb/march time and now its starting to fade but this year i got it later and in the last week has really got worse , and ive had to resort to flixonase nasal spray..oh what relief!! there must be somethig like extra pollution or someting going on.. my dd has never had hayfever but the last two days her eyes have been streaming and her nose but no symptoms of a cold though

Lilymaid · 07/05/2008 22:14

I use Beconase spray and Opticrom eye drops. You need to start the Beconase spray before the season begins. This week, because I am particularly allergic to tree pollen, I am taking Cetirizine tablets. When I was a young child I used Piriton but had moved on to what was then prescription medicines by the time I was at secondary school as the Piriton wasn't very effective when you have to take it regularly for weeks on end.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 07/05/2008 22:24

ds2 uses Clarityn (loratidine), Beconase and eye drops. If you use eye drops you need to put them in regularly even if you have few symptoms as the effect builds up - we didn't know this initially.

Tree pollen was very high today apparently.

christywhisty · 07/05/2008 23:59

My ds has loratadine on prescription since he was 9. It is probably better for hayfever than Piriton as it lasts all day, whereas Piriton has to be taken every few hours. I think Piriton is better for things like food allergy reactions or bites etc because it is one of the faster acting antihystamines.

Idobelieveinfairies · 08/05/2008 16:26

Thanks for your replys, he couldn't go to school today, his eyes wouldn't open for a good 10mins this morning. They looked horrendous.

We went to the pharmcist and he has recommended some eye drops, piriton, nurofen, sunglasses, closd windows and showering and changing clothes as soon as he is indoors.Also a new product, some sort of ointment to put at the base of the nose which is supposes to ctch the pollen before it goes up the nose-worth a try!

I think it is tree pollen as he is always worse early summer, and then again late summer-the pharmacist said something about fungal spores?

Will give the eye drops a try for a few days and then maybe the g.p.

Hope the pollen isn't effecting you too much today.


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