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Allergies and intolerances

What is poor wee dd reacting to?????

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meep · 30/04/2008 09:38

I thought I had it sussed! Another MN thread made me realise that dd (9mo) was probably allergic to tomatoes - same as me as a child. When she eats them she gets a red raised rash round her mouuth and under her chin. It goes dark red and becomes flaky and is obviously very itchy as she does a lot of chin rubbing and scratching her neck.

So.......we eliminated tomatoes - so far so good - no rash. Then we went away for a day and I gave her a jar of tomato free Hipp baby food (turkey & cranberry dinner) and within half an hour the rash had come back!

Yesterday she had homemade vegetable soup (carrot, spinach, sweet potato, onion, parsnip, courgette and some grated cheese). Hello rash!

Aaaaaagggggghhhhhhh! I want to save her from the itchy scratchiness.

I have a GP appointment next week - and would like a referral to someone who can sort it out - anyone know who that should be?

OP posts:
Psychomum5 · 30/04/2008 09:41

have a look to see what is in the same family as tomotoes......that could give you some clue.

I am allergic to apples, and the same family has pears in so I am also to avoid those too found out from the allergist/immunoligist I saw last wek at hosp.

good luck and I hope you find it soon.

GordontheGopher · 30/04/2008 09:41

It will be a pediatric consultant if you're lucky but you'll really have to push for it. They are usually reluctant to refer children under a year.

Could it be dairy?

meep · 30/04/2008 09:47

Oh I hope it's not dairy. She's been formula fed and never reacted to that. I need to try eliminating things then trying them again to see if she reacts. It is just so hard because she is at nursery 3 days a week. (they gave her baked beans after i'd asked them to avoid tomato !)

I hope my GP will refer me - they tend to be quite good at my surgery but I know I may have a fight on my hands!

OP posts:
Friendlypizzaeater · 30/04/2008 09:49

Off allergy web site. My LO is allergic to eggs/seafood but am hopeful he will grow out of it

Food Families

Legumes: Peanut, Pea, Lentil, Bean, Senna, Liquorice, Soya.

Milk: Butter, Cheese, Cream, Milk & Formula, Yoghurt.

Fish: Plaice, Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, Sardine.

Citrus: Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine.

Nightshade: Peppers, Eggplant, Potato, Tobacco, Tomato.

Crustacean: Lobster, Prawn, Crab, Shrimp.

Grain: Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Rice, Millet.

Tree Nut: Brazil, Hazelnut, Almond, Walnut.

Mollusc: Oyster, Mussel, Snail, Squid, Octopus, Clam

Friendlypizzaeater · 30/04/2008 09:50

I get people giving him tuna & mayo cos they don't think .....

meep · 30/04/2008 09:55

thanks pizzaeater! Well i've not tried her with tobacco yet..............!

OP posts:
Psychomum5 · 30/04/2008 09:58

going on friendlypizza's post, look as tho maybe potato???? does that possible to you???

my DS2 seems to react to potato which made his paed raise his eyebrows, but he is sick each and everytime we have tried it, in any form! he reckoned that potato was too rare an allergy to have......maybe, but my son is still sick so something doesn;t agree.....oh, and he does react to other stuff so I may look into tomatoe for him!!

my friend is allergic to tomotoes, and also is sick with potato, so it can and does happen!!!

meep · 30/04/2008 10:05

Thanks Psycho. I will try eliminating potato - oh I hope she grows out of it - imagine never being able to have roast potatoes!!

Poor thing - she was weaned on sweet potato as it seemed to be a favourite - oops!

She's not been sick with anything yet (unless you count the horrified spitting this morning when I tried her with porridge with apple & orange - oh the look of horror!)

OP posts:
williamsmummy · 30/04/2008 15:59

what age is your child?
only skin /contact reactions?

tomatos do have a high acidic level and can cause problems, like loose bowels and reddness on skin for young children.

However, my first thought was the cheese.
tomatos and mature cheese have high histamine levels. Sometime children with sensitive skins do react with a rash to certain foods.

That said, its as well that this is documented with your Gp and that you are cautious with food as your child grows older.

Apart from this, weight /sleep/ skin normal?

meep · 30/04/2008 19:38

Hi williamsmummy.

She is nearly 10mo and it does only seem to be a skin/contact reaction. The oattern of the redness around her mouth seems to be the same as the food that gets smeared round her mouth so I think it must be food touching her skin.

She's around 19lbs - not chubby but not skinny. She eats really well - sleeps really well (a few wakenings every so often but nothing out of the ordinary) - poos are fine!

She has had exzema - mostly on the back of her knees but wee patches over her legs - it has cleared up with liberal applications of emollients.

My mum describes her as a "very fine skinned" baby - has glowing red cheeks - not just teething but also if too hot. Still has wee scaly patches on her tummy and on her forehead.

She scrtached round her mouth today and made it bleed

Other than that she is just a wriggly giggly shouty baby !

OP posts:
milkshake · 30/04/2008 19:52

Your soup: carrot, spinach, sweet potato, onion, parsnip, courgette and some grated cheese in

The Jar: Organic vegetables (carrots, sweetcorn, onions), water, organic rice, organic apple juice ? reduced acid, organic turkey, organic pineapple, organic cranberries, organic sunflower oil, organic vegetable stock [salt, organic rice flour, organic vegetables (with celery), organic yeast extract, organic vegetable oil, organic spices], organic spices (pepper, rosemary).

The only matching ingrediants there are carrots?? Could it be carrots?

Also did you use a stock cube in your soup?

meep · 30/04/2008 22:03

No stock cube!
Interestingly dd hated carrot mush when we started weaning. I will do a carrot test and see how it goes.......

OP posts:
williamsmummy · 30/04/2008 22:10

sounds to me like an ezcema type baby with the resulting over sensitive skin.

avoid suspect foods until older, def over yr. However, if any new prob foods crop up, do push for testing.
If skin responding to emoliants, thats a good sign.
keep it up, and if ezcema gets better that may mean that skin less sensitive.
skin can stay sensitive for up to 6 months after senstisation.
Age of child does play its part.

you mum sounds as though she is right.

good luck!

chloesmumtoo · 01/05/2008 12:05

We have all the ellimination problems too. Its very difficult. Our dd is allergice to peanuts but also loads of more minor things. Avoiding tomatoes at the moment also along with carrots, green beans, all peppers,banana,kiwi and sweatcorn. However she is also allergic to potatoes, lettice, cucumber, onion and celery. Still eating those in moderation. We have skin prick tests quite often which are arranged through our dermatologist

martini82 · 03/05/2008 16:35

citric acid could be the problem, Citric acid is found in citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruit and oranges. In addition, citric acid is found in cranberries, strawberries, pineapples, peaches and even tomatoes! and is often added to many many foods. my ds has this problem.

meep · 03/05/2008 19:05

thanks Martini - how does your ds react? There does seem to be citric acid in jars of food - so I will try to avoid that. Does it mean I have to stop her beloved fromage frais? she may have a baby hissy fit if I do!

OP posts:
martini82 · 03/05/2008 20:42

my ds lips go red and get very sore and have been known to bleed, he doesn't have any thing with added citric acid and only has pinapple and tomatoes from the list above.

when he does have the odd outbreak i find that cymex cream works well at taking it down.

themildmanneredjanitor · 03/05/2008 20:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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