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Allergies and intolerances


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MrsBigD · 07/01/2005 15:36

Wasn't sure whether to post under health or allergies so here it is ...

DD just 3, is on a special high energy milk to help her put on weight. Lately she's been feeling sick after and we're assuming it's just too rich for her. So about a week ago I've started diluting it with normal full fat milk (1/2 & 1/2) which she actually liked. Also did this in preparation for nursery where she'll be giving milk in the break.

Anyhow... the last couple of days she's had a bit of a tummy ache and you wouldn't believe her nappies. without getting too graphic... yuckie!

Could this be a lactose intolerance or just the change over to a different fat content or just a bug? No temperature or the like. She seems to be fine with chees (consumed by the handfull and yoghurt)

I've got a doctor's appointment with her next week anyhow but though I'll pose the question to our knowledgable MNers

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edam · 07/01/2005 15:45

Could be just that she's having too much fat and it's all coming out the other end... there was a much-hyped product for helping people lose weight that cause them to excrete all the fat and was withdrawn because it had much the same effect. Yuck.

MrsBigD · 07/01/2005 15:46

well that would be a problem as she needs 'fattening up'. She's a light weight 12kg at 3 years

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LIZS · 07/01/2005 15:51

Sorry don't know the answer, but my 3 y old dd is under 13kg.

MrsBigD · 07/01/2005 15:53

good to know I don't have the only 'feather weight' thanks

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kinderbob · 09/01/2005 02:06

Different brands of milk can be tolerated differently. I can't drink cheap milk (fat content irrelevant)but can have the ultra filtered stuff for children.

charleepeters · 17/01/2005 13:08

my ds is lactose and protiene intolerent and his symptoms were obvious from birth but lactose intolerence can occur for a short period of time after a stomach upset best to talk to g.p or dietician ds symptoms were cronic stomach ache after bottle, diorreah, vomiting, iratabillity, wheezyness.

tatt · 02/02/2005 05:18

How is your child now? My husband was milk intolerant for a time but after many months - and several setbacks - he now seems to be able to tolerate small amounts of milk. "Temporary" milk intolerance can last quite a long time!

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