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How long can it take for nut allergy to show?

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meglet · 22/04/2008 08:41

18 month DS has a bit of excema but no other allergies (he was tested for everything except nuts). But obviously the doc says we shouldn't give any nut products until he is 3.

We just buy him normal food (ie: stuff which may have traces of nuts) and when we eat out we don't take any special precautions to avoid nuts.

If he is allergic to nuts is it likely to have shown itself by now? I am eager for him to get to 3 so we can start giving him nut products, but maybe he has already eaten tiny traces and we don't have to panic.

how old were your LO's when they first showed signs of a nut allergy? Thanks.

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waycat · 22/04/2008 12:26

I'm not sure if this will be any help, but my DS2 (who is nut allergic) wasn't given a nut in it's pure form until he was about 9. This was a packet of peanuts, and as soon as he had eaten one he threw the packet aside, said he felt ill and promptly collapsed on his bed.

Once we had a firm diagnosis, we were able to cast our minds back to other instances in the past when DS1 had complained of a burning throat and food being "hot" even though it wasn't. This had happened after eating curries' (mild) chocolates, cereal bars, etc....but at the time we never put two and two together. But with the benefit of hindsight we were able to see that these episodes were mild nut allergic reactions, and it took a peanut in it's pure form to really "bring the allergy out", for want of a better phrase.

I'm not sure about an 18 month old. I find it hard to remember quite that far back unfortunately.

Personally meglet, I would carry on as you are, not taking too many precautions and avoiding foods unnecessarily, or restricting your DS too much with what he eats. Obviously the doctor telling you not to give any nut products until the age of 3 is great advice.

Sorry if I've rambled in this answer, and I hope it has been of some help.

solo · 22/04/2008 12:52

I remember giving my Ds a small amount of peanut butter 'to see' if he had a reaction when he was about 18 months...nothing happened and I don't know what I'd have done if he had tbh.

When Dd was born a week late, she was very dry and scaley and had raw lines around her wrists and ankles, knees etc and I straight away rubbed almond oil into her skin - didn't even think about the nut thing! she was fine and it was only when I told the HV and her shocked look said it all, that I realised what I'd done. So at 16 months, she's fine with peanut butter etc.

I am usually one of those mums that just doesn't worry too much about those things though tbh.

waycat · 22/04/2008 14:56

solo, good point about the almond oil.

I have to check shampoos, shower gels, etc. before I buy them because of the chance they might contain almond oil.

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