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Reaction to tomatoes?

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Maveta · 21/03/2008 10:26

My ds really likes tomatoes/tom sauce etc. I have started to notice that often when he eats something tomato-ey the skin around his mouth/chin goes quite red (like a teething rash). It doesn't seem to bother him and goes down quickly after eating, is this just the acidity in the toms irritating his skin (which is often sensitive due to teething) or is it likely to be a mild allergy/intolerance?

Like I said, it doesn't seem to bother him but not sure if I should be avoiding them because of it.

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givemeloadsofchoccy · 21/03/2008 10:39

I'm allergic to bananas and some other fruits like pre packed grapes and raisens and other stuff alike. makes my mouth itch and everything. very nasty

VictorianPASqualor · 21/03/2008 10:43

There was a thread on this last week, I'll find it for you.

VictorianPASqualor · 21/03/2008 10:47


Maveta · 21/03/2008 16:23

oh great, thanks!

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