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Help: My dd has a red rash all over her arms, legs and ears?

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justonemorecookie · 17/03/2008 14:56

My doctor firstly said it was ezcema, then an allergic reaction. Its getting steadily worse, and i have spoken to friends of mine who's children have ezcema and they say its definitely not that. She is scratching like made, waking in the night from all the scratching. It had calmed down then she went to stay the weekend at her fathers and came back with it on her arms and legs again.

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lackaDAISYcal · 17/03/2008 14:58

does he have pets? ie it could be flea bites? or an allergy to something in his house?

are they individual spots? if it's flea bites they will each have a tiny hole in the centre where the flea has bitten.

justonemorecookie · 17/03/2008 15:19

he doesnt have any pets but he works with horses. Although she has always been in contact with them as we only left him 3 weeks ago. They are definitely not individual spots. They are everywhere.

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angiebaby78 · 17/03/2008 15:21

How long has she had it ?? Try omiting milk and dairy from her diet it may be an allergy to milk( the most common one ) TRy getting some piriton ( The hay fever stuff) its an antihistimine that might help with the itching. I would go back to drs. Has she been on any antibiotics it could be allergy to that as well. ( says me with highly allergic ds ) If not put calamine on her skin XXX LOL

WhenIrishSquonksAreSmiling · 17/03/2008 15:33

When dd1 was little, she had eczema, but it took the docs ages to diagnose it and they went through lots of possibilities first...

chicken pox?
non-specific childhood rash (yes, that was a potential diagnosis for a while )

You could google everything and see if any of the above look like what your dd has.

Isn't there a hay mite or something that she could have come into contact with if her father has her near horses?

pagwatch · 17/03/2008 15:49

I have just posted on a similar question under health.
I would go back to the Drs as my DD with this was finally diagnosed witha chicken pox virus even though there were no blisters.
Two weeks on and it is clearing up so I am pretty sure the diagnosis was right - albeit very weird indeed.

WhenSquonkyEyesAreSmiling · 17/03/2008 15:59

re: chicken pox... ds had it, and only had one spot.

Doc says it is more common that you would think that they have no spots, or spots that don't look like cp spots, so it may well be something like that.

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