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Allergies and intolerances

Those of you whose LOs grew out af allergies..

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trixymalixy · 10/03/2008 21:01 they completely grow out of it as if they'd never had it in the first place? Or can too much of it make them feel ill?

Do you end up tending to avoid the thing they were allergic to anyway out of habit?

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cheeseontoast · 10/03/2008 21:08

Watching with interest.

Also, do they ever actually like the taste of something they were once allergic to?

trixymalixy · 10/03/2008 21:13

I just wondered as I think I would always feel funny giving my DS something he was once allergic to. Assuming (fingers crossed, touch wood etc etc) that he will grow out of his allergies.

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marmadukescarlet · 10/03/2008 21:16

My DS had a serious reaction to fish, egg and dairy - even if I had it when I was bf.

Up to nearly 2 he had bleeding weeping exczema.

He now has peach soft skin (3.5)and, apart from not giving him cows milk to drink in any quantity (has goats) he can eat anything.

cheeseontoast · 10/03/2008 21:18

I know what you mean trixy, but it would be so much easier to be able to cook anything I wanted, and DD would be able to have dippy egg and soldiers

Heated · 10/03/2008 21:18

I was intolerant of most dairy as a child, but loved cheese and would eat a small amount of the mildest cheddar. I can now eat most dairy except very strong cheese or put up with the rash!

However, I have become more intolerant of certain wheat products, raw tomato & raw potato as I've got older (or maybe just that I come into contact with these as I prepare food).

keevamum · 10/03/2008 21:26

My DD is undergoing lots of tests at the moment to see what she is reacting to. At first we were told she is a coeliac sufferer but now they have said she isn't. She seems to react badly to cows milk and all dairy, wheat and gluten and tomatoes, shellfish, nuts etcetera. Oddly enough she goes mad for cheese and we let her have very small amounts but these usually result in diarroah. She has hardly put on any weight in about 6 months and to add more to the eating debacle she also will not tolerate lumps of any kind....however, can not seem to get doctors to be at all interested. I pray she will grow out of these. Does anyone have any advice?

Poledra · 10/03/2008 21:27

Couldn't eat tomatoes or strawberries as a child (caused eczema)- hoover away at both now. Wold love to say I now have a peachy-soft skin like Marmaduke's ds .
However, I think I was about 14 before I could eat as much as I liked without any symptoms at all.

dooneygirl · 10/03/2008 21:34

DD was highly allergic to my breast milk, and had to be put on a special formula when she was less than 2 months. At 1 year, the Dr. said to try her out on little bits of things with milk in them. I wasn't going to at all, but eventually we gave her a very small amount of cheese, and she did fine. She's 2.6 now, and doesn't seem to be affected by anything milk related. Neither one of my children drink much milk, but they love their yogurt and cheese, and we've had no adverse affects whatsoever, be it rash or stomach problems.

jicky · 10/03/2008 21:39

ds1 was allergic to eggs and dairy - used to get eczema from it in breast milk and had anaphyllactic shock when he first tried egg. By 6 he had totally out grown it and now eats lots of eggs and some cheese. It is ds2 who never had the allergy but spent the first few years in a pretty much egg and dairy free house who doesn't like eggs and cheese.

mollymawk · 10/03/2008 21:41

Has anyone's DC grown out of a nut allergy?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 10/03/2008 22:10

DD1 was rushed to hospital with anaphalytic shock at 6 months old with milk allergy. Consultant said the best we could hope for was that she would tolerate milk powder in biscuits etc.

But, by the age of 4 years she had completely grown out of it. She now eats yoghurt, has cream on puddings and will drink 'pink milk' (milk whizzed up with strawberries). We filmed her with her first ice cream!

Her egg white allergy is waning but not entirely gone. Peanut allergy causes projectile vomiting - I hope this one doesn't get worse. It's nice being epipen-free!

trixymalixy · 11/03/2008 12:59

This is good to hear. Thanks everybody.

Has anyone's LO grown out of a sesame allergy?

OP posts:
Christywhisty · 11/03/2008 23:27

My ds is 12 he has recently been retested for treenuts, seseme seeds and peanuts, cats and hayfever. He is still allergic to treenuts and seseme seeds,cats and hayfever but his peanut allergy came out clear. Advice was still to avoid peanuts.

mousemole · 12/03/2008 19:18

My Ds2 grew out of his Lactose and Cows milk protein allergy at 6 months. I didn't have a test - just felt he might of and sure enough he had and is now on Aptamil. We are lucky but I think it is common to outgrow allergies. Good luck.

HereWeGoRoundTheMulberryBag · 12/03/2008 19:33

Message withdrawn

MissTina · 16/03/2008 17:38

I would be ever so careful about the strawberry allergy. I was allergic to strawberries as a young child, and grew out of that allergy to the point that I don't even remember having it.

Then, when I got pregnant with my daughter, I started having anaphylactic reactions everytime I ate fruit salad. It wasn't until the summer after my daughter turned one that I realized that the allergy that had gone away had some how returned thanks to the hormonal changes made by my pregnancy.

Which is a shame because I really love strawberries. lol

smoggie · 20/03/2008 20:52

DS1 outgrew his gluten allergy at 18mo and will now eat all bread/pasta/biscuits etc. without any problems. he's currenlty outgrowing his egg allergy and can tolerate egg in baked products (cakes etc.) but we can't try him with overt egg until the end of the year.
His allergy to nuts is long term we've been told, as it was a v strong positive reaction on skin prick. He may outgrow his celery as it was just moderate reaction on skin prick.

quirkychick · 20/03/2008 21:12

DD had a cow's milk allergy - all over urticaria (hives) at 7 months when she first had dairy. No tests but showed dietician photo of her reaction. Grew out of it between 18 months and 2 years. Signed off by dietician at hospital. Occasionally she has some splodges around mouth if something very creamy splashes but we were told it was a contact reaction and not too worry.

She absolutely loves butter, cheese, yoghurt, milk, ice cream.

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