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Allergies and intolerances

Adult allergies: Has anyone done the caveman diet?

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jellyrolly · 10/03/2008 14:58

My gp has put me on this elimination diet to get rid of a head to toe itchy red rash.

I'm about to start the introducing foods part, has anyone done this? Not sure the best way to do it so I don't ruin my elimination!

(Now I know why cavemen killed each other, no calories, no carbs, no chocolate, no fun.)

OP posts:
stiffit · 11/03/2008 00:13

didn't he tell you?

i think there are three things no one is allergic to

one is pears
I think one is potatoes..

you need a proper diet plan .. surely

Christywhisty · 11/03/2008 23:32

I know someone who is allergic to potatoes.

flamingtoaster · 12/03/2008 16:31

Haven't done it personally but used to know someone who swore by it. Depends what your doctor is talking about. It could be this one:

However, he may be talking about the one where you start with just lamb and pears (or turkey and pears if you have previously eaten a lot of lamb). Some doctors allow rice with the lamb and pears which is the one I think stiffit was thinking of. In it's most severe form (i.e. just lamb and pears) it's mentioned here:

Whichever one you use hope it solves the problem.

jellyrolly · 12/03/2008 20:12

Thanks for the info.

She did tell me but I can't remember everything she said (something to do with screaming babies in background). I followed Dr Cranton's one in the end.

I have since spoken to gp again and got info about introducing food which is done in groups. Never has a piece of toast tasted so fine.

It has solved the problem so far thankyou flamingtoaster, rash is all gone. Just need to find out what caused it now.

OP posts:
flamingtoaster · 12/03/2008 21:10

Glad you enjoyed your toast. Good luck with the reintroduction and identifying what caused the problem.

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