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Allergies and intolerances

Anyone ever heard of an allergy to pineapple??

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Snowstorm · 27/01/2008 11:05

DD1 has come up in hives (think that's what they are called - like stinging nettle spots that are itchy) twice in 4 days now. The only two new things she had on those days are homemade oat and cinnamon biscuits and pineapple juice. She's had all the ingredients of the biscuits before so maybe it's the pineapple juice ... although that seems quite a strange thing to have a reaction to.

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flamingtoaster · 27/01/2008 11:18

Pineapple allergy is quite common - some people who are allergic to fresh pineapple can eat tinned, but that's not something I would experiment with with a child! I would avoid pineapple and make sure you have some Piriton or other antihistamine in the house in case she accidentally ingests some so you can stop the reaction. Reactions can get worse with repeated exposure. It would also be worth mentioning the reaction to your doctor to get his opinion.

hercules1 · 27/01/2008 11:20

Dd is allergic to pineapple and gets hives around her mouth too.

hercules1 · 27/01/2008 11:21

Oh and tinned pineapple doesnt do it. There is a difference between the two.

Twiglett · 27/01/2008 11:23

yes . it'll be the bromelain in it I reckon .. DH is allergic to pineapple since taking bromelain tablets

WanderingTrolley · 27/01/2008 11:27

Yup, tis common.

PurlyQueen · 27/01/2008 11:47

my sister and I are both allergic to fresh pineapple. It makes out mouths swell

Catkin08 · 27/01/2008 11:50

Me too. Fresh (but not tinned) pineapple makes my tongue blister and mouth and throat swell.
Kiwis are even worse for me and I occasionally have the same reaction to fresh tomotoes.
Apparently there is often also a latex allergy when you are allergic to kiwis or similar fruits so you may wish to be aware of this for your dd.

Snowstorm · 27/01/2008 12:06

Oh well there you go - I've learnt something today!!

Thank you everyone for your replies. She's had fresh pineapple before and everything was fine ... but then again things change don't they so maybe it's developed recently.

I didn't look in her mouth and she didn't say anything about it being uncomfortable. She had the bumps on her tummy, down her right arm, particularly in the elbow area, on and under her chin etc.

My initial thought was that it was 'urticaria' (spelling?!) as I came up with that once or twice when I was in my teens and my mother used to have it. Fortunately I still had the Pyriton Syrup from when she had chickenpox so that and applying lots of aqueous cream (soothing ... and makes her think I'm doing something to help!) and with her having super non-scratch control (unlike me), it went in around an hour I think.

In any case, I'll keep an eye on it and keep pineapple of any sort out of her diet for the moment (not too tricky heh - I feel sorry for all the people with allergies to everyday stuff). I'll mention it to the GP next time we go and will keep an eye out on the latex allergy thing.

Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.


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