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Johnsons bath oil for babies with very dry skin.eczema - has anyone used this.?

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suiledonn · 15/01/2008 23:53

Saw this in my local chemist today. Never noticed it before and I am fairly familiar with most of the stuff out there. Looking for a product for dd's eczema to use in the bath. Oilatum and Aveeno irritated her more. This has liquid parrafin and zinc oxide in it.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 15/01/2008 23:55

johnson's products were all horrid on dd1's skin and she's not even got eczema.

missnevermind · 16/01/2008 00:11

When we tried any sort of baby products on DS2 when he was a baby he always looked as though we had dipped him in scalding water.
Pop to the doctors, we had a fantastic baby doctor who gave us all sorts of things on prescription non of which ever caused those sort of problems.

sb6699 · 16/01/2008 00:14

My DD1 had terrible eczema as a baby. Wouldn't use anything by Johnsons on her.

Your hv should be able to recommend good products and will probably have some testers you can use before you purchase them.

If it is bothering her, I would suggest a trip to your gp who would be able to give her something stronger on prescription.

Have you tried almond oil in the bath?

Shitemum · 16/01/2008 00:17

avoid anything with liquid parrafin like the plague

Shitemum · 16/01/2008 00:17

stick to plant oils, trust me

Furball · 16/01/2008 05:25

you could try oats in a little bag running under the bath tap - apparently very good for skin problems or a splash of olive oil.

suiledonn · 16/01/2008 14:45

Thanks for the replies. Seems to be a lot of votes against this product so might give it a miss. DD is 20 months and has had eczema since she was only 2 months old. At the moment her skin is very good but still remains quite dry. We have tried many different things and now what I need is something to add to the bath water to soften it as we are in a hard water area and that moisturises the skin. We have tried the oats with not much success. Oilatum seems to irritate her more. The doctor recommends emulsifying ointment but we need the bath water nice and cool so even if I dissolve it first it just clumps up again in the water so isn't very effective. I need something like an oil or liquid that would disperse easily in cool water.

OP posts:
Furball · 16/01/2008 15:14

olive oil? or even lighter is grapeseed oil!

rebelmum1 · 16/01/2008 15:20

oats here too, excellent results and marigold cream.

hanaflower · 16/01/2008 15:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

williamsmummy · 16/01/2008 23:15

I will add the no to the johnsons stuff, I am in my 40's now and if i try any of their stuff my ezcema flares up.
I did try a small amount on my children, and there skin didnt like it.

However, I am soo cross that GP's still suggest its use!!!

Nightmare stuff.

my daughter is now 9 and can not use any perfumed shampoo or coloured soap.

When she was two I tried a dot of johnsons shampoo on her as her skin was OK, ( no ezcema at that point), hives appeared immediately , then redness, and then terrible ezcema.
Her face was in a horrible state.

And this is my child that DOENST have any food or environmental allergies!!!

( didnt use any type of shampoo on food allergic child, as his ezcema was sooooo bad< didnt find out he had curly hair until he was two years old. due to constant use of moistursing creams and potions!!!)

VeronicaMars · 16/01/2008 23:31

I second the oats thing although there are oats in Aveeno. DD had bad skin as a baby and the Aveeno worked a treat but not the lotion, the actual moisturiser.
Stay away from the Johnsons, terrible for this type of skin. Silcocks Base in the bath might work. Although it's very greasy.

3littlefrogs · 16/01/2008 23:34

No! No! - not almonds or anything to do with nuts - not for a child who already has eczema!

If she is allergic to petroleum products then that rules out all baby oil, oilatum, petroleum jelly (aka vaseline) anything mineral based. Read the ingredients of all products and avoid petroleum products/mineral products.

Marigold cream is good - make sure it doesn't have anything else in it. Aqueous cream can be good, but always do a 48 hour patch test with any product - much better to get an allergic reaction on a tiny patch than all over.

I have had very good results with a specially made aromatherapy oil mixture - made up for me by a qualified aromatherapist.

I used aqueous cream in the bath and on dd's skin for about 7 years - she was allergic to everything else. Also - I washed her gently with my hands,(not flannels or sponges) and never used biological washing powder of fabric softener on towels or her clothes.

In the last year or so we have progressed to baby E45 bath stuff and that has been fine - she is now 9, and only has the eczema on her hands, and the odd patch on her legs and feet. Still can't use soap.

That has been my experience with dcs with asthma, eczema and allergies. They have all improved as they have got older.

HTH - good luck.

3littlefrogs · 16/01/2008 23:37

I used to dissolve the aqueous cream in very hot water (in a jug) then carefully add it to the bath water before putting dd in the bath.

gigglewitch · 16/01/2008 23:42

wouldn't touch anything like that, tbh.

would suggest you try aqueous cream (on prescription or huge tub for small price) which we use instead of any bubbles or soap on our DC in the bath; also i massage them with grape seed oil,(and yes, get a big bottle in the supermarket in the aisle with the sunflower oil and olive oil) totally pure and natural and puts a light moisture on the skin, lovely to massage with and no nuts or anything at its source.

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