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Asthma review query

thesurreyyouth · 10/06/2022 19:51

This week out of the blue I had a phone call from the GP surgery asking to do a medication review over the phone in relation to my asthma. I didn’t ask for a name of the person & none was given. After many questions relating to symptoms etc I was told I would benefit from having my 2 inhalers changed for a combined one. Great! However I received a letter today regarding the consultation and I was surprised to see that Astra Zeneca is supporting the review clinic & when I checked my new medication it’s manufactured by ….. AZ. What a coincidence that AZ manufacture an inhaler much better than the other brands I’ve been prescribed.
I don’t know how to describe how I’m feeling, unhappy is too strong but perhaps a little duped??
i think it should have been explained to me prior to agreeing & given an option to see the asthma nurse in clinic as an alternative.
Am I overthinking this, or would you be happy to have medication changed for your breathing without any other physical check carried out?

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