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CMA or something else?

Atovell · 27/04/2022 09:12

Hi guys,

my first post so I hope I have done this right!!

i have a little boy who is 4.5 months old. Last few weeks his stools have been very runny/watery and he was going around 4/5 times a day or almost after every bottle. I spoke to the GP last week and took a stool sample, which came back clear. The GP told me to speak to the health visitor about a possible cows milk allergy. I did that and they advised to get the GP to prescribe this and trial it for a little while.

his stools actually improved the next day, slightly thicker consistency and now only around 3 a day (sorry for the details lol!). so we decided to give it a few days on regular formula (he’s on Aptamil) However I noticed he started to get a bit of red blotchiness in his face and chest, I monitored this and it was happening with almost every feed. It isn’t raised or bumpy, it’s just red. I sent a picture to the GP and he said it doesn’t seem like an allergic reaction rash, but could be viral or even dry skin (it’s not dry skin).

He has started to be sick a little too after a feed, which he has never normally been. I have noticed the sick contains a lot of pleghm.

last couple of days he hasn’t seemed his normal energetic and happy self, even though he is laughing and playing, it wears off quite quickly and then he gets tired (I know babies get tired very quickly lol but it just seems out of character for him).

he is my first and only child and I think I am probably just being over panicked but I always worry there’s something bigger underlying which is causing everything…..does this sound like a cows milk allergy???

thanks and apologies for the long first post!

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ChampagneLassie · 20/05/2022 15:30

Hi @Atovell how are you getting on now? I suspected CMA early and cut dairy from my diet BF and bought Aptamil pepi 1. I'd say read the info online about symptoms and if you haven't already switch and see.

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