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Allergies and intolerances

how to protect skin around the eyes

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tatt · 21/11/2004 05:51

a friend has psoriasis and also has a problem with watering eyes. His gp has suggested this may be a contact allergy to rubber eye caps on binoculars. He already wears glasses sometimes so this doesn't seem entirely convincing to me. His binoculars are every expensive so he doesn't want to get another pair. Anyone any suggestions on a barrier cream he could try or anything that helps with a possible allergy affecting eyes?

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tatt · 21/11/2004 15:24


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alamel · 22/11/2004 16:47

Bump. I know someone with psoriasis round the eyes and red/watering eyes and he's looking for non-medical ways to try and treat it so would also be interested in hearing any ideas out there.

aloha · 22/11/2004 16:50

Would a barrier help? Eg vaseline?

CountessDracula · 22/11/2004 17:06

could he paint the rubbery bits with clear nail varnish? I do that to the backs of the metal studs in trousers that bring me out in a rash.

CountessDracula · 22/11/2004 17:07

Or alternatively replace the rubber with silicone which he wouldn't be allergic to.

Do you mind me asking why he uses the binoculars

Twiglett · 22/11/2004 22:48

Well why does he just not touch his skin with the binoculars .. he can hold them a couple of millimetres off the skin surely

failing that vaseline sounds a good bet

aloha · 22/11/2004 22:50

CD, I wondered that too!

tatt · 23/11/2004 06:57

he's a birdwatcher (feathered variety, or so he says ) and spends hours with bonoculars. Its his main interest in life. Don't think holding them away would work as he'd forget/ it would be more tiring. He is investigating alternative eye cups but it seemed to me that was an expensive thing to do when he doesn't know if it would work. Hadn't thought of nail varnish, I'll suggest that but will it hearm rubber?

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Twiglett · 23/11/2004 07:04

if it bothers him enough, he'll soon remember .. sorry I know that probably sounds harsh

if he already wears glasses can he not rest the binoculars against the glasses???

tatt · 24/11/2004 11:50

don't know why he doesn't like to use the glasses with the binoculars - maybe not for distance vision? Anyway the manufacturer has agreed to send him some different eye cups free of charge Generous of them, although the binoculars are still under guarantee don't think many firms would do that.

OP posts:
Amai · 24/11/2004 12:16

twiglett have you ever looked through binocs whilst holding them milimetres form your face whilst trying to focus on lark hundreds of metres away in the long grass. It is not possible it gives a cross eyed effect but nice try
tatt hope your friend gets some better cups (buttercups?) for his eyes, it must be terribly annoying for him.

Twiglett · 24/11/2004 15:50

must admit I've never pervy-leered at anything .. fish, fowl, or fab-man

ebobeye · 29/04/2009 22:08

Read this article about allergies to glasses frames material and the rubber part:

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