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Egg allergy: special treat for little boy

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Carnival · 14/12/2007 10:55

My daughter's birthday falls on the same day as the Christmas party at our local playgroup. My daughter attends on the same day as a little boy with an egg allergy.

I duly looked up a load of egg-free cake recipes and had settled on a chocolatey one, which I was then going to ice with a daisy as that's her name. I tried it out and it was reasonably good and I thought the kids would be happy with it...

The new piece of news is that they won't accept home baking, but will allow me to supply a shop bought cake which they will take away and slice for the kids who don't have an allergy. This isn't what I wanted, because I didn't want the wee boy to feel that he was different, but I doubt I'd be able to get a shop bought egg-free cake at this late stage.

The crux of this is, I now want to get something special for the wee boy, so he doesn't feel left out and I wondered if anyone could make any suggestions..

Sorry this is so longwinded

OP posts:
DoesntChristmasDragOn · 14/12/2007 10:58

A lot of big supermarkets have "free from" ranges - you may well find a cake for him there.

LucindaBG · 14/12/2007 11:14


That's doesn't sound fun at all. Your approach is absolutely spot on - GOOD FOR YOU.

Can you talk to/do you know the boys parents?
Can you get them to lobby the playgroup manager? Their approach is - well - unhelpful.

Carnival · 14/12/2007 11:16

Thanks, will have a go, have tried a Asda & Tesco already though, without success. Will give Sainsbury's a go and see how I get on.


OP posts:
santagitta · 14/12/2007 11:20

I had something similar at DD's nursery, and I bought some (quite disgusting, if you ask me, but they liked it) almond /jam slices from the free-from section (Waitrose) but I think it was a brand that you find everywhere. There were also some cupcake things.

santagitta · 14/12/2007 11:22

It might be worth finding out about the allergy - lots of egg allergies are fine if the egg is in a cake. But I would ask first!

LucindaBG · 14/12/2007 11:45


True, but...

It's probably better to be clearly egg free if you're up against a mildly intransigent/box-ticking playgroup manager.

santagitta · 14/12/2007 11:54

Very true

Carnival · 14/12/2007 12:07

The box was definitely having to be ticked over the home-baking, which I presume is a health & hygiene thing. What I don't understand is how it is ok to bring in home-made soup to the group, which I didn't bother to point out..? I'm more than happy for my child to eat the soup and won't be picky about it, but surely it should come under the same health & hygiene scrutiny??

OP posts:
Carnival · 14/12/2007 12:18

Sorry, LBG, missed yours.

I do know the boy's mum and spoke to her about the egg-free cake idea and asked her whether her wee boy was ok with Orgran and as I'm a rookie at this egg-free stuff and hadn't yet settled on the chocolate cake idea, I was hoping she might give me some tips about its use.

Her response was, what's Orgran? If it doesn't have egg in it, it'll be fine [with a look that made me feel a little foolish]. I can only assume she doesn't bake and therefore doesn't know that it can be a little hit and miss, particularly if you're using something new.

Anyway, I will still try to find something suitable for everyone, rather than have him singled out. But, if I do have to go for the with egg option, I'll try and make sure that they just put the cakes in a bag and that he gets a separate especially nice thing stowed in his and just hope he doesn't notice that that particular cake isn't there

OP posts:
trixymalixmasy · 14/12/2007 12:27

I'm sure Sainsbury's free from section have egg free cakes.

LucindaBG · 14/12/2007 12:37

And by the by: I've got a really simple adaptation for making egg free cakes. Apple puree or custard work fine to bind the mixture. See here:

Carnival · 14/12/2007 12:46

TMM - definitely will try Sainsbury's

LBG - thanks for your support

OP posts:
TheJen · 21/12/2007 09:23

This is probably a bit late but Carnival you are LOVELY! Wish I had people as supportive as you around- my DS has severe allergy and even my MIL thinks it ok to have everyone else eating cake etc at party's and leave my DS out .

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