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Allergies and intolerances

Nut allergy - can a child suffering from this eat home made cake, if I avoid nuts?

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Nightynight · 09/12/2007 13:07

Or is it too much risk?

Sorry if this has been asked before - I had a quick look but couldnt see it.

It was dd's birthday recently, she is going to take a cake to school tomorrow, but Ive just found out that there is a nut allergy sufferer in the class and the shops are closed here.

If I am very careful to make a chocolate cake with flour, raw sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, baking powder, margerine and icing sugar, would that be too risky?

OP posts:
wb · 09/12/2007 14:37

Should be fine - just check that none of the ingredients have 'May contain nuts' or 'made on a line handling nuts' on the packet (cocoa powder may well say this) and that kitchen surfaces, bowls etc that nuts may have touched are clean before you start.

It would also be a good idea to have a word w. the relevant mum before school and reassure her as she may have left instructions that her lo is not to be given food brough by others 'just in case'.

Finally, thanks for making the effort. My ds has nut allergy and it is a bit sad when he's always left out.

Nightynight · 09/12/2007 16:04

thank you!

I could send some details of the ingredients in a note, perhaps, so that the child could read them. S/he is 11, so should understand labels.

OP posts:
tatt · 09/12/2007 21:41

my nut allergic child would not eat chocolate cake because chocolate is one of the high risk items. If you have used cocoa powder and checked the tin for nut warnings then it should be OK but the child might need reassurance. We have galaxy drinking chocolate, many other have a "may contain" warning. Thank you for trying to be inclusive.

ggirlsbells · 09/12/2007 21:45

how thoughtful of you

I would kiss you !

Don't be upset though if the child is a bit wary of eating homemade food they are unsure of.

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