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is it eczema?

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divamummy2 · 06/12/2007 23:33

my 14wk old seem to have red cheeks, sometimes its fine.sometimes it all blotchy little red dots.
dd never had skin problem.
ds had very dry skin, cradle cup. been told from early days that if baby was overdue its normal. the body is perfectly fine, cradle cap is gone, but seems face specially cheeks get really bad as described above. is it eczema? asked hv couple weeks ago she said try vaseline, but doesnt seem work.
what shall i do? help please?
thank you

OP posts:
naturopath · 06/12/2007 23:36

Could well be. GP should be able to confirm.
I would moisturise with Cetraben/Diprobase/Aveeno/Epaderm/Dermol (GP should prescribe)..

gigglewitchyouamerrychristmas · 06/12/2007 23:47

sounds like it but see GP or HV anyway.

try washing his bedding - and everything if necessary, etc in mild non-bio and no fabric softener, as this is known to annoy eczema.
My dc improve with aqueous cream used instead of anything soapy/bubbly in the bath, also use aqueous in the day and vaseline (which luckily does work for mine) at night.
BTW none of my DC were overdue, one 3 and half weeks early...dunno what being overdue has to do with anything?
my eldest -who has the worst eczema, has diprobase cream which he slaps on regularly instead of scratching. get those scratch mitts on the lo!
just out of interest, what is he fed on? bf or formula?

divamummy2 · 07/12/2007 14:11

hi girl, thnx for reply. called gp but no appt. avialable today so annoyingly must call them on monday morning.
he is on formula. and he is quite good feeder every 4-5 hours. he is now sitting in his bouncy chair and his cheeks are fine( no bright red spots, but looks little dry) i do often make sure wipe his face with wet cotton after feed thinking it may be formula, which hv said many weeks ago)
i dont know, hv and gp said he had dry skin due to being overdue( said overdue newborns tend to have very dry skin)
will defintaely see gp and ask for cream. im conitinue to use vaseline but doesnt make difference. could it be bath liquid and shampoo i use making it worse
i always used fairy non bio tablets and conditioner.
probably try acqueos cream. i assume sudocreme is not recommended?
thnx again will update on monday

OP posts:
gigglewitchyouamerrychristmas · 07/12/2007 23:11

wondered about his milk because my boys (but not girl) are intolerant to dairy stuff, cows milk and anything containing it - both have very upset tummies by it, the eldest had lots of eczema and the younger one has asthma. the cure for both is goats milk, but they were older than yours when they had that. various other formulas are dairy free, if you go that route stick a thread on here and we will all crawl out of the woodwork (we have lots of oppinions y'see, about soya and stuff) and tell you all about it.
try all the simple creams etc and cutting out anything bath-wise that might aggravate his skin, go back to plain water and nothing else then work from there if you are brave enough. plus no conditioner in your washing machine! Re-introduce things one at a time and hopefully you might figure something out. We have had to do this with most aspects of our sons' lives - washing powders and liquids, toiletries, foods, you name it .... we write everything down. a pain, but well worth it. It is clear to me that the job of figuring this out falls at mum's door every time, as the medics have no magic tests for this sort of stuff and the mum-detective appears to be teh paediatrician's best asset,IMO.
It could possibly just be something like his skin getting used to the environment, and being so little the cold weather / central heating mix is affecting him more than you'd expect. Keep an open mind, but perhaps try a few possibilities

Dalrymps · 07/12/2007 23:25

my ds gets a similar thing on his face and has dry skin, we have been either bathing in plain water or using boots sensetive top to toe wash that can be used on eczema, we moisturise him all over with olive oil after too, this was recommended by mw and also brother in law used it with his son, so far skin looking a lot better, haven't tried aqueous cream to wash him with yet as it's not too bad but i have eczema myself and have used it and found it to be good. as gigglewhichyouamerrychristmas said, go back to basics and try and illiminate things, good luck and if no better then try to see gp

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