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Allergies and intolerances

Grrr coeliac and wheat intolerance not the same...

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wangle99 · 05/12/2007 20:14

With Christmas coming and a big tin of celebrations on top of the cupboard I emailed Masterfoods and queried whether a few of the chocolates had wheat in.

Had a standard reply saying 'here is a list of our gluten free products'.

Argh it is so frustrating as people always presume DS is coeliac when he isn't and he can't have all gluten free foods as reacts to wheat starch (used in gluten free bread).

I'll step down off my soap box now lol

OP posts:
callmemadam · 05/12/2007 21:59

wangle99 - surely wheat starch is not used in gluten free bread? can you give me an example, please? Coeliacs cannot have ANY wheat or wheat derived products, and in addition cannot have oats, rye or barley either. Really need to know if you have found a product that is supposed to be gluten free which has wheat starch in it

tutu100 · 05/12/2007 22:07

I think this is something to do with the codex index. My db has ceoliacs and has tried to explain about this to me. Apparently some ceoliacs can tolerate a certain amount of treated products such as barley malt. However my db seems to be a very sensitive ceoliac and so avoids foods on the codex index list. For example some of Sainsbury's cereals say they are suitable for ceoliacs but the contain barley malt so my db doesn't even touch them.

Sorry this isn't a very good explanation. You can probably google a better answer.

bettym · 05/12/2007 23:15

Can I just say ladies...

I am so feed up with the food that is available in sainsbury/Tesco etc I sometimes wish I could screem in the middle of the sainsbury's - My daughter (2 yrs.) is very highly sensitive coeliac and also has food allergies (the list goes on and on) and I walked up and down for hours just to try and find something that she can eat.......

In the end I cook & make everything myself

clerkKent · 06/12/2007 12:15

Juvela Fresh contains Gluten-Free wheat starch. My bro (a highly sensitive coeliac) cannot eat it, but I can (insensitive coeliac).

MetalMummy · 08/12/2007 18:07

My DS is allergic to wheat and milk.
The GP said he would prescribe him some wheat and milk free products to try and prescribed him juvela bread, pizza bases and bread rolls. On the packaging it actually says not suitable for wheat and milk free diet.
He has now prescribed Dietary Specials bread and petit pan which don't have wheat and milk in.
Unfortunately Gluten Free definitely doesn't mean Wheat Free

wangle99 · 08/12/2007 20:43

Hi MetalMummy we have juveli items - they do wheat free items - we have bread, bread rolls, pizza bases, pasta and biscuits.

OP posts:
callmemadam · 08/12/2007 23:01

Am shocked and grateful for this information - my mother is (literally) skin and bone and can hardly tolerate anything - and now I am going to have to recheck her foods as we have been relying on the gluten free description and wondering why she is often so ill.

MetalMummy · 09/12/2007 14:31

Thanks Wangle, they need to be milk free as well though and that's usually where we have problems.

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