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Eczema and Cloth Nappies

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Elf · 31/10/2004 11:51

When DS was about four months old I finally got round to trying DD's old cloth nappies on him (after much discussion with DH as he thought our lives were difficult enough!). HOwever, I only used two on him because he immediately got a spotty botty! At that time when his eczema was worse, his bottom was about the only beautiful bit of skin so it was easy to see the effect. I haven't tried again but just wondered if anyone else has any experience, ideas about this as I would love to get back to the cloth nappies. Thanks.

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gingernut · 31/10/2004 11:55

There was another thread here and I think I remember at least one other since - worth doing a search.


Elf · 31/10/2004 12:03

Thanks Gingernut, that was a help.

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