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Allergies and intolerances

Is thrush a symptom of dairy intolerance?

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jasperc163 · 07/11/2007 15:16

DD (now 2) has been on dairy free diet since 3 months (bad reflux). We have tried reintroducing it on a number of occasions and never been quite sure if she is reacting or not. This time she seems to be doing better (cheese in pasta sauce) but had a thrush (nappy area) problem a couple of weeks back that was successfully treated. Now she she just has a few spots around the edge of the nappy and i wonder if its coming back, and if its the dairy that is likely to be the cause?


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jasperc163 · 07/11/2007 15:17

ps sorry i meant to say she has been on probiotics for a month or so now to help with it.

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Neverenough · 07/11/2007 15:20

I doubt it-candidiasis nappy rash is quite common. Candida is part of the normal bowel flora so will be there anyway regardless of whether your DD is on a dairy-free diet.

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