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Allergies and intolerances

Anaesthetics and nut/soy allergy

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tatt · 02/11/2007 08:00

Was told yesterday that having a positive tests for soy means not having a minor op in the day care unit but in the main hospital so full back up is available. Apparently they may have wanted this for nut allergy anyway (because of a risk of cross reaction between soy and peanut). They will presumably use a different anaesthetic anyway.

We will be taking our own snack for after the op to ensure there is something they can safely eat before coming home.

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Mumfie68 · 02/11/2007 09:31

Oddly enough, DS had to go into hospital yesterday as they decided his fractured elbow was also dislocated. The anaesthetist told me they couldn't use the normal anaesthetic injections as he's allergic to eggs and milk (no mention of the nuts!) and these drugs contain both. They had to put him under on gas alone. Add that to the fact he's at the end of a really bad chesty, asthmatic cold and you can guess I had a stressful hour waiting for him to come out of theatre!

tatt · 02/11/2007 17:44

Just wanted to warn everyone to make sure they declare all their allergies and suspected allergies.

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KerryMumKABOOM · 02/11/2007 17:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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