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Allergies and intolerances

RAST test result question

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mumtodd · 08/08/2007 21:59

My 15 month old dd had a rast test and skin prick test done due to an allergic reaction to egg. Her tests came back positive for egg white allergy and nothing else. Forgot to ask doctor if it is safe to go ahead and introduce things like peanut butter now. Her iEG was low but i am still nervous she could react to something else.

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tatt · 08/08/2007 22:25

at the moment there are people testing whether it is a good idea to expose kids to peanut at a young age. First reactions may be quite minor and missed in a young child, there is something to be said for waiting until they can tell you if their mouth tingles. Official advice is still 3 for high risk infants and that obviously includes those who have had a reaction to another food.

mumtodd · 08/08/2007 22:27

Thanks tatt. On one hand I am thinking the results were negative so I should get on with things and stop worrying but on the other hand she has eczema and maybe it is safer to take things slowly. Was just tinking peanut butter because she is eating very little and it is supposed to be high in calories.

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IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo · 09/08/2007 20:11

Your child is in the high risk group due to previous allergies (eczema and egg). I would avoid it, too much a risk for such a little gain. She can get her calories from plenty of sources while if she gets a serious food allergy, diet may end up quite restricted.

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